Qigong Formal Study Program: Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 1 Part I                  – Life Preservation Qigong

Prerequisite: None (optional one-day Qigong for Health introductory workshop)

This is an instructional course which is conducted over a two-day weekend or a 8 two-hour class series or a 4 half-day class series.

Lecture contents: 理论内容
A. Six Golden Keys: (Important tools for understanding Qigong)

1. Yinian Force Theory and Mind Matter Relationship 意念力理论与心物辩证法
2. Meridian Sensitivity Types 气感类型说
3. Control Types 控型理论
4. ESP Types and Energy Levels 功能类级说
5. Bio-equipment Theory 生物仪器说
6. Bio-holographic Theory 生物全息能理论

B.  A Brief History of Qigong
C.  Different Categories of Qigong
D.  Breathing Methods and Characteristics

Practice Methods: 功法内容:
A.  Life Preservation Qigong Exerciases aka “Nine Marvelous Qigong Methods”

1. Life Preserving Sword Finger Stance 养生剑指桩
2. Moving Like a Pupa and Filling Qi into Body 蛹动贯气法
3. Shaking Qigong 颤抖功
4. Using Sound to Open the Arm Meridians Method 以音助气立掌法
5. Walking Qigong 行功
6. Running Qigong 跑功
7. Sleeping Qigong 卧功
8. Lifting Kidney Qigong 提肾功

B.  Nourishing Qi Method 养气法

  Qigong Formal Study Program: Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 1 Part II                  – Accelerated Microcosmic Orbit Qigong

Prerequisite: Level 1 Part I – Life Preservation Qigong

Lecture contents: 理论内容

A. Eight Success Factors in Qigong Practice:
1: Method (Fa) 法
2: Company (Lu) 侣
3: Money (Cai) 财
4: Environment (Di) 地
5: Teacher (Shi) 师
6: Virtue (De) 德
7: Wisdom Root (Hui) 慧
8: Realization (Wu) 悟

B.  What are Microcosmic Orbit and Macrocosmic Orbit?
C.  What is the difference between “Accelerated Microcosmic Orbit Method” and the traditional Microcosmic Orbit Method?
D.  What are Wai Dan School and Nei Dan School?

Practice Methods: 功法内容

A. Accelerated Microcosmic Orbit Method: 小周天速成法
1. Using Sound to Open the Orbit Method (Yi Yin Zhu Qi Tong Zhou Fa) 以音助气通周法
2. Nourishing Qi Method (Yang Qi Fa) 养气法
3. Secret Method of Opening the Orbit for Others (Kai Zhou Tian Mi Fa) 开周天密法
4. Gathering Qi Method (Ju Qi Fa) 聚气法
B. Review and practice of Level I Dynamic Qigong 练功

  Qigong Formal Study Program: Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 1 Part III                  – Te Yi Medical Qigong (Level 1)  

Prerequisite: Level 1 Part I – Life Preservation Qigong *
*Please note that starting August 2016, students can take Te Yi Medical Qigong either before or after taking Microcosmic Orbit Qigong.


A: Te Yi Medical Qigong diagnostic methods- ESP Diagnostic Methods (Te Yi Gong Neng Zhen Bing Fa) 特异功能诊病法
Introduction of Three Commonly Used ESP Functions:
1. Hand Sensation Detecting Illness Function (Shou Gan Tan Bing) 手感探病
2. Seeing the Aura Function (Kan Guang Gong Neng) 看光功能
3. X-Ray Vision Function (Tou Shi Gong Neng) 透视功能

B: Te Yi Medical Qigong treatment methods – “Kylin Displaying Its Wonders Six Healing Methods” (Qilin Xian Sheng Liu Fa) 麒麟显圣六法

1. Immortal’s One Grab (Shen Xian Yi Ba Zhua) 神仙一把抓
2. Magic Palm Healing Method (Mo Zhang Liao Fa) 魔掌疗法
3. Buddha’s Hands Bring Back Spring (Fo Shou Hui Chun) 佛手回春
4. “Praying to Shifu” Healing Method (Qing Shi Fu Liao Fa) 请师父疗法
5. Muddled Doctor Treating Muddling Disease (Hu Tu Yi Zhi Hu Tu Bing) 糊涂医治糊涂病
6. No Doctor Healing Method (Wu Yi Qu Bing Fa) 无医祛病法

C. A Brief Introduction of Te Yi (Special Medicine) Medical Qigong
What is Te Yi Medical Qigong? How is it different in diagnosis and treatment than Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine? How many different kinds of diseases that Te Yi can treat?
D. Review and Practice of Level 1 Part I & II 练功和复习