Level 1 Formal Study Program is offered either as 3 parts non-residential weekend training or a 9-day Level 1 Formal Study Retreat.
Level 1 Part I: Life Preservation Qigong (2-day weekend)
Level 1 Part II: Accelerated Microcosmic Orbit Qigong (2-day weekend)
Level 1 Part III: Te Yi Medical Qigong Level 1 (3-day weekend that includes two-day instructional course plus one-day Qigong Intensive Practice Day for Te Yi)

Qigong Formal Study:  Level 1 Part III –  Te Yi Medical Qigong (Level 1)

(4-day non-residential Training 9am-5pm)

Prerequisite:  Level 1 Part I – Life Preservation Qigong & Part II – Microcosmic Orbit Qigong *
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*Please note this long weekend course includes two-day formal instructional course on Te Yi Medical Qigong and two-day intensive practice of Te Yi

Scheduled Dates: 

July 18-21, 2020 (Friday – Monday)  9am-5pm daily
Level 1 Te Yi Medical Qigong (31 CEUs in Category 1 upon approval)

Day 1&2: Part III formal study instruction
Day 3&4: Intensive Days of Microcosmic Orbit and Te Yi Medical Qigong

Cost:   Regular $540, Early Bird $510 (2 weeks prior), retaker of the same course $310; add $40 for CEUs.
Registration: You can either mail in your check with this Registration Form for Level 1 Part III – Te Yi Medical Qigong Workshop or email your form to us if paying via Paypal.




Paypal Registration for Level 1 Part III Medical Qigong

Workshop Location: 2831 E St, Eureka, CA


Disclaimer: Te Yi Medical Qigong® is a registered trademark of Qi Dragon Healing Center. All students who have taken the Formal Study Level 1 Part III Te Yi Medical Qigong automatically become Te Yi Medical Qigong® Student Practitioners (TYSP). As a Te Yi Medical Qigong® Student Practitioner, we ask you to give Te Yi treatments for free or by donation and can only advertise yourself as “Te Yi Medical Qigong® Student” or “Te Yi Medical Qigong® Student Practitioner”. To list and advertise yourself as a Te Yi Medical Qigong® Practitioner or Certified Practitioner and charge a fee for the Te Yi Medical Qigong® treatments, you must have taken the Te Yi Medical Qigong® Certification Course and have fulfilled the course requirement.