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Qi Dragon® Bi Gu Training Program

Bi Gu or Qigong Fasting is a great way for eliminating toxins, healing diseases, losing weight and developing potential functions and wisdom. Bi Gu or Qigong Fasting is an ancient method from the Daoist tradition. It is not simply starving yourself! It is also different from the general practice of fasting. Bi Gu employs Qigong’s Qi cultivation and life preservation methods to enhance one’s capacity of opening to the universal energy or Qi which is nourishing and infinite. Bi Gu is gentle, safe and inspiring. It guides you through the different stages of fasting according to each individual’s needs, energy level and health conditions. You may do periodic Bi Gu or continuous Bi Gu. This practice is an invaluable part in healing and developing your greater consciousness. Qi Dragon has received Bi Gu transmission from the Grandmaster and teaches Heavenly Essence Qigong’s unique Bi Gu methods based on its life science theories and ancient Bi Gu tradtion. Our Bi Gu methods are simple, easy to practice and inseparable from our Qigong life preservation vision.

Bi Gu Three Levels:
Elementary Level Bi Gu: having fruit/fruit juice and water
Intermediate Level Bi Gu: having water only
Advanced Level Bi Gu: having no water

Liping’s rich experience in this practice will serve as a great guidance while you are exploring this new territory.

All you need to know to start Bi Gu practice will be covered in our Level 1 Bi Gu Instructional Course!! We have 4 levels of Bi Gu training which corresponds with Heavenly Essence Qigong formal study.

People who are not suitable for Bi Gu:

  • Extremely severe nerve pain
  • Complete loss of eyesight or hearing
  • Very skinny: adult below 30kg
  • Chronic kidney disease (over 10 years) with high blood pressure
  • Gastro intestinal disease with frequent vomiting blood
  • Severe heart disease or long term use of insulin, epinephrine or TB at the late stage
  • too much fear about not eating food

Note: Obviously during Bi Gu, all alcohol, cigarettes, drugs/medications are not part of the intake. If you for whatever reason can not stop consuming those items, you should not do Bi Gu at this time. Bi Gu with herbal supplements is considered ok and belongs to the primary level Bi Gu. In our training, we emphasize making the best effort of doing pure water Bi Gu to have the optimal benefits.

If you are one of these 7 Kinds of People, you should consider Bi Gu:

  • have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and early stage diabetes
  • have Hepatitis, fatty liver, kidney stones, nephritis, gall stone, sinusitis, laryngitis, gastritis, intestinal inflammation, prostatis, arthritis, constipation;
  • have any of the following issues:overweight, acne, breast cyst, gynecological inflammation, infertility, uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst, painful menses hormonal imbalance, coarse skin and all kinds of skin diseases;
  • experience dizziness, fatigue, poor sleep, poor appetite, poor memory, low sexual function;
  • want to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and strong immune for mother and child
  • want to purify and keep body in good shape, enhance immune system, slow down aging process and keep young;
  • want to stay away from cancer and other serious diseases associated with aging

Reference reading on Fasting:
How Fasting can help you live longer?

DISCLAIMER: Generally speaking, Bi Gu has tremendous healing benefits. It may not be suitable for some individuals besides the above types of people who we identified. We are teaching this as a life preservation practice and ancient knowledge and are not prescribing this as a cure for all diseases for anyone. It is a student’s sole responsibility to verify with their medical doctor if their condition is suitable for such kind of modality. We assume that you have checked with your doctor when you register for our Bi Gu workshops.

Level 1 Bi Gu: Bi Gu Instructional Course 辟谷

Prerequisite: Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 1 Formal Study- Part I Life Preservation Qigong & Part II Microcosmic Orbit Qigong as the minimum requirement
9am-5pm Sat & Sun 15 CEUs available for L.Ac.& RN upon approval.
Scheduled Dates: TBA

This is an instructional weekend course. All the essential Bi Gu information and practice methods will be covered on Day 1. You may bring your bag lunch (microwave onsite available) or eat out nearby for lunch for Day 1. You may choose to Bi Gu on both days if you have done it before. There is a required one-day Bi Gu pracice on the second day of the weekend. Students can start Bi Gu from Saturday dinner and end with Sunday dinner or start from Sunday breakfast and end with Monday breakfast.
After this instructional course, students are eligible for future different length Bi Gu intensive courses.
Contents of teachings:
What is Bu Gu? How to Bi Gu?
How to Collect Qi during Bi Gu? (Strong Fire and Mild Fire Methods)
Guidelines for Bi Gu
What are the normal reactions during Bi Gu?
Benefits of Bi Gu
Different Types of Bi Gu
September 16-17, 2017 Level 1 Bi Gu -Qigong Fasting (This event overlaps with the Certificate Program Weekend #9) (We only offer this course one time in 2016.)
Cost: Regular $340, Early Bird $310 (2 weeks prior), retaker $210; add $40 for CEUs. (16 TET credits)

Level 2 Bi Gu: 2-day Bi Gu (Semi-Silent)

Prerequisite: Level 1 Bi Gu (Instructional Course)
(15 CEUs for L.Ac. in Category 1 upon approval)

On Day 1 there will be a period of review of Bi Gu methods from the instructional course, Q&A, supplementary teachings on Bi Gu healing diseases; Day 2 is a silent practice day with a group discussion in the last hour. Students are required to do Bi Gu on both days.

Level 3 Bi Gu : Bi Gu Practice Retreat for 3 day or more

Prerequisite: minimum Level 1 Bi Gu (Instructional Course)
This is a 4-7 day residential retreat (with 1 day prep, 1 day Hui Gu) and usually overlaps with the Formal Study Program Level 3 Retreat.

7-Day Bi Gu Retreat
For Level 3 Alumni only