Liping demonstrating Swimming Dragon Walking Gong Section 1-2

Liping demonstrating Swimming Dragon Walking Gong Section 3-4

12-Week Swimming Dragon Walking Gong Workshop
July 10 – Oct 2, 2019 (No class on August 28)
(Wednesdays 8:30am-9:45am)

Prerequisite: No previous experience necessary.
This training workshop consists of Warmup Routine, study of Tai Yi Xing Bu Gong or Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong step by step. Beginners and experienced are all welcome!

Dr. Liping Zhu, DAOM, L.Ac.
Location: 2831 E St, Eureka
Tuition: $200 Special Grand Opening promotional rate; $275 Regular rate

Registration: Please read the cancellation/refund policy and disclaimer statement related to this workshop before your registration. If you pay via Paypal, please use the paypal button below for your payment and email us your phone number, mailing address and emergency contact info. We will obtain your signature at the first class if you are a new student to Qi Dragon classes.

You may also send a check payable to: Qi Dragon Healing Center, 2831 E St, Eureka, CA95501. Please indicate the name of the workshop.

Paypal Registration for 12 Week Swimming Dragon Walking

August 27 – September 1, 2019: Tassajara Retreat
Healing with Qigong
with Dr. Liping Zhu
No previous experience necessary.
18 CEU credits/CE Contact Hours available for L.Ac. & RNs.
An extra $40 CEU certificate fee to be paid on site to Qi Dragon.
Qigong, an ancient Chinese healing and spiritual tradition, is known for its ability to improve Qi and blood circulation and to strengthen the immune and nervous systems.
Walking is a special art in Qigong and has been utilized for healing and life preservation in various Qigong lineages for centuries. Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong, a Daoist family tradition, promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and health. Join us for this gentle and graceful Daoist Qigong walking practice along with the Qin Quan Dragon Tiger Walking practice and Zen walking kinhin. Watch Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong on Youtube.
REGISTRATION for Tassajara events: Online registration will be available on Tassajara website around early to mid February 2018. Book immediately as this workshop fills up quickly.

Mail: Forms in printed Tassajara brochure

888-743-ZEN2 (9362)
How to make a reservation
Please know Qi Dragon does not handle any of registration of Tassajara events. Please check Tassajara website to determine the exact date when registration starts.
Liping class 39

Swimming Dragon Walking in Tassajara Retreat Hall in 2015


Skipping like a Child of Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong in September 2015 in Golden Gate Park, SF

park group with Mrs Yu

Swimming Dragon Walking Instructed by Mrs Yu in September 2015 in Golden Gate Park, SF