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Teaching Activities

Qi Dragon™ Healing Center has just finished its initial instructional DVD Project with the great support from students and friends.  Please visit our Online Store for the available Instructional DVDs. Master Yu recently published a book on Taiyi 72 Closed Hands and started writing a book on Taiyi Swimming Dragon Chuan. He authorized Liping to do the translation of both books.

Grandmaster H.B.Zhang’s Qigong teachings involve many textbooks and articles. Thus, we still have a great number of teachings and translation work to perform for both Qigong and Swimming Dragon to fully accomplish our mission.  Liping has been studying, teaching and dedicating a lot of her time to her vision for all these years, nonetheless this work can not be done by her alone. In the past few years, we have been blessed to have a lot of students and friends who generously donated their time, money and skills to help Liping in her endeavors.  We deeply appreciate all the help provided. Your continuous support will help us acquire our own training center where we will conduct all the teachings as well as with the translation work.  We decided to officially accept monetary contributions to support three main projects, which we named the Translation Project Fund, Training Center Project Fund, and Scholarship Fund. You may make your donation online or via mail at any time and we  will honor which project you wish to support.

Translation Project Fund: This fund will allow Liping and the editors to dedicate more time in working on the translations of Qigong teachings by Master Zhang and books by Master Yu.

One of the many Qigong books to be translated

Training Center Project Fund:  This fund will allow us to acquire a space that will be exclusively used for Qi Dragon’s teachings and practices. It  is essential to have a dedicated training center where we will be able to conduct more intensive trainings and make the regular training accessible on a daily basis.  Having our own space will also allow more student teachers to get involved in teaching activities.

Student Scholarship Fund:  This fund will allow us to give partial or full scholarship to students who have financial hardship in affording some of the training’s tuition.

Since Qi Dragon is not currently a non-profit organization, your contribution won’t be recognized as being tax deductible, according to the IRS regulation on 501(c)(3) exempt organizations, but we can provide you a receipt upon request.  All your donations will be entirely out of your generosity, good will and shared vision. Our promise to you is to continue focusing on the work in order to accomplish our vision.

Thank you for contributing now to any of the projects Fund with your Paypal account or any major credit card!