Taichi Library


Our library is now offering free resources for supporting students’ home study of Taichi. We appreciate your practice and any support you want give us for making this possible.

 Handouts and Brochure 

1. Taichi Qigong Warmup Routine 1 Handout
2. Swimming Dragon Taichi Brochure with Movement Names in both English and Chinese
3. Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong Names

4. Swimming Dragon Taichi Sword Names 

 Taichi Music for home practice 

1. Music used for Swimming Dragon Taichi practice
2. Music used in Liping’s Youtube Swimming Dragon Demo

3. Walking Qigong Music by Gangqin Zhao 
4. Clear Mirror Bodhi music good for Walking Qigong or Swimming Dragon Taichi

 Taichi Articles 

1. An article on Practicing Swimming Dragon Gong by Grandmaster Yu Anren, translation by Dr. Liping Zhu
2. An article on Taiyi Swimming Dragon Gong by Catherine Ingram
3. An article: Taichi May Improve Some ADHD Symptoms
4. An Article: Taichi for a New You  by Mao Shing Ni
5. Q&A on Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong with Grandmaster Yu

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