Swimming Dragon Videos


Taichi Youtubes by Liping/students:

1. Liping Demonstrating Taiyi Swimming Dragon Form I in 1997: (Old Version Swimming Dragon DVD Item# 001, available for purchase at Qi Dragon Online Store)

2. Liping Performing Mulan Double Fan in 1999

3. Liping Leading Taiyi Riding the Wind Sword Form in Golden Gate Park

4. Liping and Students Performing at Chinese Music Show in 2009

Taichi Youtubes by Liping’s Masters:

1. Master Yu Anren Performing Taiyi 72 Closed Hand in 2009

2. Liu He Ba Fa Part I by Master Yun Yinsen

3. Yang Taichi by Master Yu Xiaolin

4. Qin Quan Master Qin Wenqing

5. Qin Quan Videos from China

Other Chinese Internal Martial Arts Styles:

1. Ba Gua Zhang by Chen Jisheng 

2. Xing Yi Quan by 82 year old Shang Zhirong

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