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Heavenly Secrets Diagram  by Grandmaster Zhang

Qigong (Chi Kung), widely known for its healing effects and spiritual empowerment, combines movement, meditation, and breathing to regulate and enhance the flow of the body’s vital energy, improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and calm the mind. Its primary goal is to achieve better health, promote healing for self and others or life preservation. Its highest goal is to realize the spiritual enlightenment or immortality and achieve the “complete emancipation of body and mind”.

Heavenly Essence Qigong® (HEQ) is the main part of Qi Dragon® Life Preservation and Dao Cultivation Training Program, a training program for carrying on Grandmaster Zhang’s authentic teachings that covers many different aspects of Qigong including the mind training, breath training, a full range of Te Yi Medical Qigong training and a unique Internal Alchemy (Nei Dan ) training refined and simplified from many traditional Buddhist and Daoist essential practices. It is one of the most comprehensive Qigong training programs available.

Heavenly Essence Qigong®  was developed by Grandmaster Zhang in 1987 in China and brought to the west by Master Liping Zhu. It integrates the essence of the Daoist Qigong, Medical Qigong, Buddhist Qigong, Martial Qigong and Confucian Qigong and is one of the most comprehensive Qigong systems available. It is well known for its powerful healing effects, comprehensive theories, easy-to-follow practices, successful life science experiments and enlightening spiritual cultivation methods. The system reveals some of the most esoteric Qigong cultivation methods through its easy-to-understand modern language and techniques and makes the orthodox traditions accessible to the general public. Heavenly Essence Qigong emphasizes In-the-world Cultivation Methods (入世修炼法) and inspires the dual cultivation of both the body and the mind (性命双修). Through the progressive formal study of the system students will learn how to expel sick Qi, nourish good Qi, project External Qi with dynamic Qigong exercises and perform Qi healing on self and on others with the Te Yi (Special Medicine) or Medical Qigong healing methods. The complete system also includes teachings on Daoist alchemical practices of Microcosmic Orbit (Xiao Zhou Tian), Macrocosmic Orbit (Da Zhou Tian), Embryonic Breathing (Tai Xi),  Internal Elixir (Nei Dan) and Spiritual Enlightenment Meditation Methods.

Heavenly Essence Qigong® is one of the few Qigong training programs available that offers the thorough training of this most comprehensive and advanced Qigong system outside China.  This systematic and advanced study of Heavenly Essence Qigong provides a rare opportunity to receive profound healing and authentic teachings.

To learn some Qigong basics and self healing exercises for health maintenance, you will find useful tools from our general Qigong study Qi Dragon®  Qigong General Study Program. To achieve a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Qigong and develop a practice discipline with more guidance, you will find it most beneficial to follow either our formal Qigong study Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program or our most in-depth training Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate Program. If you intend to become a certified instructor or a certified Te Yi Medical Qigong practitioner, you should start with the Qigong Certificate Program after taking the prerequisite course – Formal Study Program Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong.

CEU Credits: Our programs are open to the general public as well as health-care professionals for their continued education. We are a approved CE Contact Hour provider for Registered Nurses for all our programs. As a RN, you may submit your CE hours for any workshops you take with us no matter the course is listed for CEU hours or not since RN Board recognizes us as its provider.  For a licensed acupuncturist, you need to make sure that the course is specifically listed as an approved CEU course by the Acu Board in order to get the credits.  Upon approval, most of our Qigong for Health and Qigong Formal Study Program workshops have CEU credits in Category I for Licensed Acupuncturists.  Please check each workshop description to verify CEU availability and hours.

Qi Dragon® Life Preservation and Dao Cultivation Training Program now offers the following training programs:

Yang Shen Emerges and Matures

Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program

Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate  Program or Certificate Immersion Retreat Program

Qi Dragon® Qigong Certified Instructor Training Program

Qi Dragon® Te Yi Medical Qigong Certified Practitioner Program

Qi Dragon® Swimming Dragon Taichi Qigong Training

            Qi Dragon® Qin Quan Martial Qigong Training

Please check Weekly Class and Workshop Calendar Pages periodically for an updated list of Qigong teachings offered or join our newsletter to receive updates.



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This special system is the legacy Liping’s teacher Grandmaster Zhang left behind for the benefit of the world.  Unfortunately all his books were not available in English and were originally only given to his disciples.  Qi Dragon carries the authentic transmission directly from Grandmaster Zhang and has been working diligently to translate and bring  Grandmaster’s original teachings to the west through Qi Dragon Qigong Formal Study Program and Qigong Certificate Program. To support Qi Dragon’s Translation Project and Teaching Project, please visit our Donate Page.

Qi Dragon® Qigong Virtue Cultivation Practice

Some of the known health benefiting effects of  Qigong:

1. Improves Qi and Blood circulation and balance;
2. Strengthens digestive functions, sexual functions and endocrine system;
3. Revitalizes body function and slows down aging process;
4. Releases toxicity and stress, refreshes the mind and calms the spirit;
5. Stimulates potential body functions;
6. Develops sensitivity to Qi and promotes healing for self and others;
7. Enhances immune system and increases body’s natural healing ability;
8. Cultivates spiritual growth.


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