Qigong Formal Study Program: Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 2


Qi Dragon 2013 Level 2 Certificate

Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program includes the comprehensive training of Heavenly Essence Qigong through Level 1 -4 study and some advanced teachings.  Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program provides advanced level teachings for a path to health, healing, wisdom and enlightenment. These advanced teachings make available to the practitioner a clear, open and complete system to achieve the goals of a highest level of cultivation. Level 1 & 2 Qigong focus on Te Yi Medical Qigong®practices for healing, health and life preservation. Level 3 and above focus on Dao cultivation and deep physical and spiritual transformation.

Level 1 Qigong Formal Study ProgramLevel 2 Qigong Formal Study ProgramLevel 3 Qigong Formal Study ProgramLevel 4 Qigong Formal Study ProgramLevel 1-4 Comprehensive Guide Formal Study Program,  Advanced Qigong Meditation Formal Study Program and Complete Sudden Enlightenment Great Method. We currently offer a two year Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate program as an alternative intensive training for Level 1 & 2 Formal Study Program and as a prerequisite training for Qi Dragon™ Certified Qigong Instructors and Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong®Practitioner.

   Level 2 Qigong Formal Study Program Weekend Training

Prerequisite: Heavenly Essence Qigong Formal Study Level 1 (I-III)

Qi Dragon® Level 2 Qigong Formal Study Program offers the original teachings from Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 2 and teachings from The Principals of the Big Dao and Life Science and Heavenly Essence Philosophy.

 Level 2 Qigong Formal Study is taught either in three two-day weekend workshops or 8-week two hour Workshops or one 9-day Level 2 Formal Study Immersion Retreat.

Level 2 Part I: Advanced Te Yi Medical Qigong Part I

Level 2 Part II: Advanced Te Yi Medical Qigong Part II

Level 2 Part III: Advanced Te Yi Medical Qigong Part III

Special additional training:  Bi Gu (Qigong Fasting) Level 2Bai Shi and Qigong Intensive Day practice available for the Level 2 formal study students.

There are 16 CEUs for each Level 2 Part I, II, III, 15 CEUs for Bi Gu (Qigong Fasting) weekend and 8 CEUs for Qigong Intensive Day available for L.Ac. & RN upon approval.


Level 2 Qigong Formal Study Retreat Training

Prerequisite: Level 1 Qigong Formal Study or Level 1 Formal Study Immersion Retreat

In this 9-day (8 nights) Level 2 Formal Study Immersion Retreat, you will study the full formal study program Level 2 contents of Level 2 Part I, II, III as well as an Intensive Practice Day and a two-day Bi Gu Silent Practice Day.
This retreat overlaps with the Module 1 of Level 2 Certificate Program Immersion Retreat . Space availability is determined after the enrollment of the Level 2 Certificate Program Immersion Retreat. If you want to become a certified Te Yi Medical Qigong practitioner or Certified Qigong Instructor, we recommend that you sign up for our Qigong Certificate Program or Qigong Certificate Program Immersion Retreat instead.

Scheduled dates:  10 days
Cost:  Lodging Fee plus Tuition Fee

Registration:  by December 25, 2017

Application Package for Level 2 Qigong Formal Study Immersion Retreat

   Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program

If you wish to become a Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioner or a certified Qigong instructor or desire to have a more comprehensive study of Level 2 Qigong, it is required you join the Certificate Program training instead of the Formal Study Program.

Scheduled dates:

Module #1: 6 Weekends training or 10 day retreat (Module #1 overlaps with the Level 2 Qigong Formal Study program retreat)
Modue #2:  10 day Qigong Certificate Study Retreat (Module#1 is required)
Here is the Level 2 Certificate Program page for more details.

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