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10,000 People Qigong Training Hall, China

Te Yi Medical Qigong is part of Heavenly Essence Qigong (HEQ) system. Its training is included in the Heavenly Essence Qigong training plus some specific Te Yi Certification Courses.

To learn the diagnostic and treatment methods of Te Yi Medical Qigong, you can choose to be trained as either a  Te Yi Medical Qigong® Student Practitioner or a Te Yi Medical Qigong® Certified Practitioner. Please read more about what Te Yi Medical Qigong is.

 Te Yi Medical Qigong® Student Practitioner (TYSP)

All students who have taken any of our Te Yi Medical Qigong courses are considered Te Yi Medical Qigong Student Practitioners before becoming Certified Practitioners. A student can list oneself as a Qi Dragon Te Yi Medical Qigong Student or Student Practitioner (TYSP) of its level of study. All treatments provided by Te Yi Medical Qigong Students or Student Practitioners are for learning and practice purpose and the word “Student” or “Student Practitioner” is required to be used to differentiate from the Te Yi Certified Practitioners. The Te Yi Medical Qigong services provided by Te Yi Student Practitioners can only be advertised for free or by donation.

Disclaimer: Te Yi or Te Yi Medical Qigong is trademarked by Qi Dragon Healing Center. You can only list yourself as a Te Yi Medical Qigong student practitioner or a certified practitioner according to the training requirements you have met.

To become a Te Yi Medical Qigong student practitioner is to take the instructional course of Level 1 Part 3 Te Yi Medical Qigong either through the Formal Study Program or the Leve l 1 Qigong Certificate Program.

Te Yi Medical Qigong® Certified Practitioner (TYCP)

Te Yi Certification Couse is a specific training in Te Yi Medical Qigong for students who have completed the Two-year Qi Dragon Qigong Certificate Program training.

Course Path for Progressive Levels as a Te Yi Medical Qigong Certified Practitioner:
Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program —> Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program  —>(Level 3 Qigong Formal Study Retreat*) —> Te Yi Medical Qigong Certification Course
*starting in 2018, Bai Shi and Level 3 Formal Study Qigong Retreat will no longer be required for taking the Te Yi Certification Course.

Te Yi Medical Qigong® Certification Program

Year One: Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program (either offered as a monthly module or two 9-day retreat module)
Year Two: Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program (either offered as a monthly module or two 9-day retreat module)
Year Three: Te Yi Medical Qigong Certification Course (one 5-day retreat module)

Inspired to become a Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioner? Join us in 2018 for the Level 1 Certificate Program in an Immersion Retreat training to start the first year of training!!

Year Three Te Yi Certification Course: two 3-day weekend training or one 5-day retreat setting training
Long Weekend training format:
Weekend 1 (Saturday – Monday) Review of Level 1-3 Te Yi Teachings
Weekend 2 (Saturday – Monday ) Clinic AM & Case Review and case Study PM

5-day Retreat Setting training format:
Day 1
Arrival between 3:00-4:00pm, orientation at 4:30pm, dinner at 6pm
Day 2 Comprehensive Te Yi Theory, Level 1 Te Yi Review & Case Study
Day 3 Level 2 Te Yi Review & Case Study
Day 4 Level 3 Te Yi Review & Comprehensive Test
Day 5 Departure after lunch (by 2pm the latest)

Te Yi Medical Qigong Certification Retreat in 2017
Scheduled dates:
August 31 – September 4, 2017
Location: Zazen Retreat in Ukiah

This is the last year training of the Te Yi Medical Qigong Certification Program for student who want to be certified in Te Yi Medical Qigong as a Te Yi Certified Practitioner (TYCP).


Completion of Year One and Two of Qi Dragon Qigong Certificate Program Level 1&2  as well as
Completion of Level 3 Qigong Formal Study* (Starting in 2018, Level 3 will no longer be required)

5-day (4-night) Retreat Contents:
Review Level 1-3  Te Yi Materials
Discussion, Case studies, paired treatments
Daily Qigong practice

Each student is required to bring 3-6 case reports to the retreat for group discussion and case studies and 3 case reports are required for submission.

Cost:  $840  if postmarked by June 1, 2017; $1000 if postmarked after June 1, 2017. Registration will be closed by July 1, 2017.
A mix of single room and shared room occupancy with shared bathroom. Room assignment is in the order of your payment is received starting from single rooms to shared rooms. Three organic vegetarian meals are provided.
Carpool is needed and there are only 8 parking spots for the whole group. Make sure you are given a spot if you are a driver.

Registraton:  Te Yi Retreat Details with Application Form is here for all eligible students. Please don’t sign up if you haven’t completed all prerequisite courses.

Training Contents:

Review Level 1, 2, 3 Handouts on Te Yi
A Comprehensive Study of Te Yi Theories
Paired Te Yi Treatments
Case Studies/Q&A/Discussion (Each student is required to share and submit 3 case reports at the retreat)
Daily Qigong Practice
Comprehensive Test on Te Yi (50 multiple choices and filling in the blanks items)

At the end of the Te Yi Certification Course, a test on all 4 Te Yi related handouts will be conducted. Student with a passing score will be granted a Certificate of Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioner. Student with a passing score will be granted a Certificate of Te Yi Medical Qigong Certified Practitioner. Being part of this certification training course does not gurantee you will be certified ​If you miss training hours or fail the comprehensive test.​ ​You will be required to retake this course in that case.​

A Certified Te Yi Practitioner is authorized to use our trademark Te Yi Medical Qigong and can officially list themselves as a Qi Dragon Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioner and practice Medical Qigong in a professional setting within the scope of what a lawful business requires. It is the responsibility of each practitioner to follow any business regulations of the city they practice in. All Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong® Practitioners will be listed on our website under Te Yi Practitioner Referral page. These practitioners are independent from Qi Dragon.

Certification Course Application Package will be sent to eligible students through email.

Lodging Arrangement:

This retreat is limited to 15 students maximum with or without campers for the teaching space and dining room capacity. There are mixed single and shared rooms and 3-4 camping spots, all sufficiently comfortable to support your training. To make things simpler, the campers will decide their own camping spots. For the non-campers, we decide to have the rooms in order from the single to the shared and will assign students to the rooms in the order each payment with registration is received (Please know that verbal and email notifying us won’t secure your spot!).

Cancellation Policy:

$440 is non-refundable deposit once your application is accepted and the remaining balance fee is refundable before July 1, 2017 minus a processing fee of $50. All cancellation needs to be in writing. Both the deposit and the remaining retreat balance become non-refundable after July 1, 2017.

 Te Yi Medical Qigong® Advanced Practitioner Certification

Our Te Yi Advanced Practitioner training includes all Te Yi related teachings of the Heavenly Essence Qigong system.

Te Yi Medical Qigong Certified Practitioner
Level 3&4 Qigong Formal Study Program


Te Yi Medical Qigong Advanced Practitoner Certification Course
Scheduled dates: TBA

All our programs are subject to change without notice. Please follow our website for the most updated info.

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