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Qi Dragon®  Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program  Description

Click to read about our most intensive Qigong training – Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate Program! We are currently offering  Qi Dragon® Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program and Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program

Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate Program

Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate Program is the intensive traing version of Level 1&2 Formal Study Program and is one of the few and most intensive Qigong training programs available that focus on deepening the study of Heavenly Essence Qigong system and Qigong in general. Heavenly Essence Qigong is a unique and comprehensive Qigong system that has been practiced by more than 38 million people in China. It synthesizes the essence of Buddhist Qigong, Daoist Nei Dan Qigong, Medical Qigong, Confucian Qigong and Martial Qigong and makes the ancient life preservation healing art and esoteric Dao cultivation methods much simpler and easier to understand and integrate into modern daily life. This program is intended to support each student’s physical health and spiritual growth through an in-depth study as well as guided intensive practice of this specific Qigong lineage in an intimate group Qi field setting. This program alone does not certify a student to teach but is an important preparotory training. You may take this training for self-healing and self-learning purposes or a prerequisite training for professional development as a Qi Dragon™ Certified Qigong Instructor or Qi Dragon™ Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioner.

This program is perfect for you if you:

  • Need more motivation and discipline in your Qigong practice
  • Want to deepen your knowledge of Qigong
  • Enjoy more intensive practice with the amazing support of a Group Qi Field and community
  • Desire the guidance of an experienced and dedicated teacher
  • Aspire to build the foundation to become a Qi Dragon Certified Qigong Instructor or Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioner

         “A truly rare opportunity for an in-depth study and intensive practice of Qigong with a master!Rui Z.“

We are currently offering a Two-Year Qigong Certificate Program is the intensive version of Level 1 and 2 Formal Study Programs, the Qigong Certificate Program includes the same Formal Study Program Instructional Courses with additional intensive practice and supplementary Qigong related teachings such as Qigong Q&A, Qigong Silent Days, Qigong Intensive Days, home study projects and presentations, and Te Yi Medical Qigong Clinics where students are required to practice on others. The Qigong Certificate Programs for Levels 1 and 2 each provide 192 hours of training with classes held one weekend per month. Upon approval, there are 66 CEUs for Level 1 and 72 CEUs for Level 2 available to Licensed Acupuncturists and Registered Nurses at no additional fee. You may take this training for self-healing and self-learning purposes or for professional development towards becoming a Qi Dragon® Certified Qigong Instructor or Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioner. Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program or Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program Immersion Retreat is the prerequisite for Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program or Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program Immersion Retreat and for Te Yi Medical Qigong Certification Course and Certified Instructor Program.

Please check the details for each level’s Certificate Program description and the deadline for submission of your application.

This program fills up quickly. Please send in your application now to reserve your spot.

  2017  Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program (Monthly Weekend Training)

In 2017, we are offering our Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program in a monthly weekend training format. In 2018, we will not have this program in a monthly weekend training but a Level 1  Certificate Program Immersion Retreat instead.

To achieve the best training results, Qi Dragon’s Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program training includes some of formal study program’s instructional course weekends  and the intensive practice days. Students are required to keep a home practice-log sheet and to do some home study assignments. Student presentation of reading materials and three written tests of the three handouts are also part of the curriculum. 

Main Instructor: Dr. Liping Zhu DAOM, L.Ac., Qigong Master
Program Facilitator and Assistant Instructor: Philip Brown, Certified Qigong Instructor of Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong

Location:  at Gruenwald Press, SF

Prerequisite: Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program – Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigon aka Nine Marvelous Qigong Methods for Health

Main Contents: Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 1 Formal Study Program (total 22 practices)

Hours: 9am-5pm for one weekend a month (66 CEUs available for L.Ac. and RN upon approval)

Weekend 1: Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong Intensive Practice #1 (January 28-29, 2017) * 8 CEUs
Weekend 2: Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong Intensive Practice # 2 (February 18-19, 2017) ***Day 2 Silent
Weekend 3: Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong Intensive Practice # 3 (March 11-12, 2017) Test
Weekend 4: Formal Study – Microcosmic Orbit Qigong Instructional Course (April 22-23, 2017) ** 15 CEUs
Weekend 5: Level 1 Part II Microcosmic Orbit Qigong Intensive Practice # 1 (May 27-28, 2017) * 8 CEUs
Weekend 6: Level 1 Part II Microcosmic Orbit Qigong Intensive Practice # 2 (June 24-25, 2017) *** Day 2 Silent
Weekend 7: Level 1 Part II Microcosmic Orbit Qigong Intensive Practice # 3 (July 22-23, 2017) Test
Weekend 8:     Formal Study – Te Yi Medical Qigong Level 1 Instructional Course (Aug 19-20, 2017) ** 15 CEUs
Weekend 9:     Formal Study – Qigong Fasting Bi Gu Level 1 (September 16-17, 2017) ** 12 CEUs
Weekend 10:   Level 1 Part III Te Yi Medical Qigong Intensive Practice # 1 (October 14-15, 2017) * 8 CEUs
Weekend 11:   Level 1 Part III Te Yi Medical Qigong Intensive Practice # 2 (November 11-12, 2017) Test
Weekend 12: Graduation Weekend (December 9-10, 2017) *** Day 1 Silent
* Sunday Qigong Intensive Day is open to Formal Study Program students.
** This instructional weekend overlaps with the Formal Study Program.
*** Silent Days (Open to Certificate Program alumni if space is available. Pre-registration is required.)
Graduation Weekend is a combined group practice and graduation event with a Level 2 group.

Supplementary Contents:

(These Supplementary Contents enrich and deepen the Level 1 Formal Study Program of Heavenly Essence Qigong)

  1. Yin Yang Theory
  2. Five Element Theory
  3. Jing, Qi and Shen Theory
  4. Five Reference Points for Measuring Your Progress
  5. Anatomy of Breathing
  6. Qigong Breathing Methods
  7. Chakra System and Central Meridian
  8. Qigong Fasting Bi Gu Theory and Practice
  9. Midnight-Noon Law
  10. Te Yi Medical Qigong (Special Medicine) Overview and Practice
  11. Jing & Sex and Preventing Leakage
  12. Grandmaster Zhang’s Q&A Book
  13. Te Yi Medical Qigong case studies

2017 Level 1 Certificate Program Tuition Fee1, 2,:   

Application Fee: $50 by Dec 1, 2016 (extended to Dec 20), non-refundable (A late submission fee of $100 applies after the due date.)

Tuition Full Payment$3300 ($500 deposit is required with Application fee; Remaining $2800 due by Jan 1, 2017)

Installment Payment$3500 ($500 deposit with Application fee; Remaining $3000 follows quarterly payment schedule in the Payment Agreement)

1A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required by Dec 1, 2016. Late fee $50 applies after that.

2A four-installment payment plan is available to students. A quarterly processing fee of $50 applies.

Registration:  Please submit the completed Application Form and Payment Agreement Form in the 2017 Level 1 Application Package with the application fee ($50) and the non-refundable deposit ($500) by Dec 1, 2016  new date Dec 20, 2016. A late application fee of $100 applies after 12/20/16.   A minimum of 10 students is required for this program.  Please send in your application form as soon as possible to reserve your spot and to avoid the late fee and the cancellation of the program. Please download the Level 1 Certificate Program Syllabus.

Cancellation/Refund: No refund for missed classes. There is no partial participation for this program. You may miss classes and remain in active status in the program and receive credit for making up those missed classes with the next available group. Your credit is only valid for one more round of the program. The application fee is not refundable for any reason. The $500 deposit is non-refundable once you are accepted into the program but will be refunded in full if your application is not accepted or if the program is cancelled. More details can be found in the Program Policy and Payment Agreement in the Application Package.

2018 Level 1  Certificate Program  (two 9-day Retreats)

Prerequisite: Formal Study Program Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong

In 2018, Our Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program will be offered as Level 1  Certificate Program Immersion Retreat. This Immersion Retreat Program is the equivalent of our monthly weekend Certificate Program.

There will be two retreats of 9-day (8 nights) each and in between the two retreats there will be one monthly two-hour long webinar session each month for Q&A and discussion/practice.

Come for healing and deepening your Qigong study and practice in an amazingly beautiful retreat setting!!
Module 1: Level 1 Formal Study Immersion Retreat (overlap with Formal Study Program)
Prerequisite: Qigong Formal Study Program Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong
April 21 – 29, 2018

Module 2: Level 1 Comprehensive Study Immersion Retreat
Prerequisite: Level 1 Formal Study Immersion Retreat
September 29 – October 7, 2018

Click for Level 1 Certificate Program 2018 Immersion Retreats Page for details.

Bio of Main Instructor

Dr. Liping Zhu, DAOM, LAc., Qigong Master and founder of Qi Dragon Healing Center and Heavenly Essence Qigong Institute, is a disciple and authorized instructor in both the Heavenly Essence Qigong System and the Daoist Taiyi Swimming Dragon Sect family lineage. She received her lay ordination in the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition at the San Francisco Zen Center and became a Shuso in 2010. Dr. Liping has studied and trained extensively in Qigong, Taichi, Zen and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been teaching Qigong and Taichi to the general public and practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine and Te Yi Medical Qigong for more than 20 years.

Dr. Liping is a Professor of Qigong at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a faculty teaching Chinese Herbs and Nutrition and Qigong at San Francisco State University. As a native Chinese who is fluent in English and deeply immersed in both cultures, she makes Qigong, this ancient Chinese healing art and spiritual path, very accessible to the Western world.

To read more about the Main Instructor, click Dr. Liping Zhu


Qi Dragon® Life Preservation & Dao Cultivation Training Program taught by Master Liping Zhu are the result of her study of multiple lineages for over two decades. This is what makes Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate Program unique and comprehensive in its approach to healing, spiritual cultivation and self development.

“After practicing Heavenly Essence Qigong regularly over the course of my Level 1 training, I feel happier, more grounded, like I have more energy, and a deeper sense of self. I has been a fabulous experience, which I highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their health, quality of life, and , dare I say, world at large.”
—Caleb G, professional gardener

 “This program has been excellent not only just for the practice but for having 20 people with whom I can actually work with. We are all focusing as much as we can on this practice, watching each other grow, and helping each other filling in the blank spots in our understanding… just having a community.”
—Darren H, computer programmer

“ It is such a rare opportunity in life to come across a teacher like Liping. She is so inspiring and amazing in so many ways and really loves this practice. Liping keeps us all motivated. It is such a special opportunity to be able to study under someone like her. Heavenly Essence Qi Gong is a really amazing practice and I am so thankful that she has created the certificate program to allow all of us to deepen our study and heal friends, our family and ourselves. I am very grateful for this.”                               —Maya M, acupuncture student 

 “It has been a wonderful program for me and if you have a Qi Gong practice already and are interested to deepen it more, I would strongly encourage you to join this program. If you are novice to Qi Gong and are interested in it and are willing to make the kind commitment it requires, I think it is a great program. We have a wonderful wonderful teacher. I am extremely thankful and have a lot of gratitude for Liping for bringing this style here, for translating all the work that she has done with the students, and with all the materials she provides. It is a fantastic program. I can’t speak highly enough about it. I would strongly encourage to do it if it is something you are interested in.”
—Andy L, licensed acupuncturist

“… as a cancer survivor in my late teens, followed by clinical depression in my 20s and 30s, I have always searched for some kind of practice that would make my life a little better. After I moved to the US and met Liping, I learned a great deal about myself and how I could grow spiritually. Thanks to the certificate program now I have tools that I can use to help others the same way they help me to recover. For that I am very grateful. Thank you Liping.”     
—Valerie B, accounting professional

“Being in this program for me was like opening a different and exciting world and, so far, I can say that it brought me more discipline in my life and I was able to create an almost regular practice. It made me appreciate what a good teacher Liping is. So it is really great and I am thankful.”
—Marie H, Yoga teacher

“I really enjoy the continuity of having these workshops monthly and the way they are deepening the teachings, getting more a regular practice as well as going really more in depth. I appreciate the program and I think it is really really a valuable experience. I recommend it.”       –Sarah H, Licensed acupuncturist                                                                     

 “It has been very very helpful for me to establish a regular practice and also the amount of knowledge that I have gotten through this program has been tremendous. I can’t say enough good things about it. It has been very very beneficial to me and I hope this will carry on in my life.” 
—Philip B, certified rolfer

 “I am very proud to be in the first group of the certificate program in Heavenly Essence Qi Gong. I met Liping four years ago while studying at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the day that I met her, she put on a demonstration. Just watching the way she moved, I realized that this is a person I need to study with. I had a lot of martial arts experience in the past and I could just tell right away, feel right away that this person is somebody who has spent a lot of time and a lot of dedication, a lot of persistence to get where she is today. I was more than thrilled to find out about the certificate program. Healthwise, I got a lot better, but more importantly, by just being able to deepen my practice I realized that this particular method of Qi Gong is completely comprehensive and extremely deep. If you are interested at all in that, I would strongly suggest that you try it.”         
—Graham L, licensed acupuncturist

“…I have done Liping’s workshops before but, with a group effort and commitment, I feel we have all explored content that we are familiar with in great new ways.. I think it is the most regular my practice has ever been because of the group and the support of everybody, and I really encourage people who are interested to check it out.”                 
—Doug M, a proud Dad and Zen practitioner

 “I started my Qigong training and acupuncture treatment with Liping Zhu four years ago. I jumped right into a twice weekly acupuncture treatment regiment with Liping and signed up for Level 1 Part 1 workshop right away. Liping pointed out that I was not breathing properly as well as pointed out the emotional connection of each organs. That was just so profound for me. Other acupuncturists had not pointed this out. After only two weeks, my chronic pain lessened greatly. I start to breathe into my abdomen. I notice and felt the Qi field around me. This is the real thing.
I continued attending Heavenly Essence Qigong workshops and repeated the workshops 3 times, 4 times. Why? I come to the workshop to recuperate from stress and to soak in the good Qi. Plus, there’s always new information to be learned. More importantly, it’s because Liping is an amazing teacher and healer. Her teaching is authentic. She is authentic. I am now enrolled in the Certificate program. Do I want to become a Qigong Instructor or a Medical Qigong Practitioner? Perhaps. But ultimately, I want to deepen my practice and improve my health.”

—Chi N, project manager

“Liping is an engaging teacher and an inspiring person. Studying with her in this first year certificate program has been a joy and a great privilege. My clients comment on the added qualities in the benefits of their treatments due to the work in Liping’s program. Personally and professional this program has far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to study with Liping; it is a transformative experience that should not be passed up.”
— Liane Y., Acupressure Practitioner, Licensed Aesthetician

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