Level 2 Certificate Program Immersion Retreat


This is an equivalent training of our monthly weekend training Level 2 Certificate Program in a retreat setting. Level 2 Qigong Immersion Retreat has two modules of 9-day 8-nights training.

Module 1: Level 2 Formal Study Retreat (overlap with Formal Study Program)
Prerequisite: Qigong Formal Study Program Level 1 Part I-III or Level 1 Certificate Program
Dates: TBA April , 2019,
Module 2: Level 2 Comprehensive Retreat
Prerequisite: Level 2 Formal Study Retreat
Dates: TBA September , 2019, in Ukiah? (dates to be confirmed)

Cost: Total $ (including Tuition fee 0 plus Shared Lodging fee of for the full program) (This rate is for full program sign up only. )
Registration: Send in your deposit  now with a completed 2019 Level 2 Certificate Program Immersion Retreat Application Form to reserve your spot and your lodging room. Registration deadline is November 1, 2018. An extra $50 applies for late deposit.
Remaining balance  due by January 1, 2020. Four Installment payment option available with an extra fee. Please read all details online and details in our Level 2 Certificate Program Immersion Retreat Policy Details.

This program is limited to 15 participants and a minimum of 10 students is required. Please email us at office@qidragon.com if you have other questions.

Retreat Daily Schedule:
6:00am     Getting up
6:30am-7:30am Dynamic Qigong
7:30-7:50am  Walking Qigong
8:00am  Breakfast
9:30-12:00 Group Practice & Study

12:30-1:30pm Lunch 
1:30-2:30pm Sleeping Qigong
2:30pm-4:30 Group Practice & Study

6pm Dinner
8:00pm-9:00pm Qigong Meditation/Microcosmic Orbit
9:30pm Lights out

Click for 2019 Level 2 Certificate Program Immersion Retreat Application Packet

Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program or its equivalent Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program Immersion Retreat is part of the prerequisites for Te Yi Medical Qigong Certification Course and Certified Instructor Program.

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