Bai Shi 拜师


Qi Dragon 2014 First 12 Bai Shi Di Zi

Instructor: Dr. Liping Zhu DAOM, L.Ac., Qigong Master

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 Qi Dragon™ Qigong Formal Study Program:  Bai Shi Workshop & Ceremony

Prerequisite: Formal Study Program Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong  

Bai Shi is a traditional ceremony of taking on a lineage formally in the Qigong and Kungfu world. This is an occasion for a student to become a lineage student (Di Zi) to receive direct transmission and empowerment of its lineage. This ceremony establishes the commitment of both a student to a master and a master to a student for learning and teaching an esoteric art. It means you are officially accepted and recognized as the next generation in the lineage of your Master (Shifu). Bai Shi comes with privilege of direct connection to the transmission and acceptance into the lineage, but also comes with the honor and responsibility as a formal student to honor the tradition and preserve the lineage teachings.  The ones who have had Bai Shi before you are considered senior in your lineage without regard to your age, social status and length of time of study. After Bai Shi, you may formally address your teacher Shifu or Master and address your teacher’s master Zun Shi or Zong Shi or Grandmaster. You address your seniors Shi Xiong ( older brother) and Shi Jie (older sister) and your juniors Shi Di (younger brother) and Shi Mei (younger sister). You are bonding as a new family through your spiritual lineage.
Each lineage has its own requirements and its unique way of conducting the initiation through Bai Shi. You may google online to read more about Bai Shi as a reference understanding of this custom.

Master Liping carries multiple lineages but currently she only offers the Bai Shi for the Heavenly Essence Qigong lineage. Being a Di Zi in this lineage does not ask you not to study from other lineage schools/teachers.

During our Bai Shi weekend, some advanced teachings from Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 3 are passed on such as Macrocosmic Orbit Qigong and Xin Chuan Great Method as well as the original Bai Shi talk that the Grandmaster gave in the 1990’s. The weekend ends with a Bai Shi ceremony where students show respect to the lineage by offering incense, bowing and offering a red envelop to Shifu and receive the lineage paper and sometimes may be given a Fa Ming (Spiritual Name) from their Master. Students will state their Bai Shi intention statement to the assembly. Usually the new family will gather for a meal after the ceremony.

The minimum requirement for receiving Bai Shi in this lineage is after you finish Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong. You can Bai Shi at any point when the event is offered after you meet the prerequisite. Bai Shi is required before taking the Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 3. For a minor to Bai Shi, a parent needs to serve as a guardian and one of the parents needs to be a Di Zi.

To register for a Bai Shi weekend workshop, you will need to first submit your payment either through the paypal button below or send a check payment. You will also need to email your intention statement to anytime before the weekend event to complete the registration process.  Please submit your intention statement electronically by the Friday before the event the latest. You will also need to bring your intention statement to the formal Bai Shi ceremony weekend and publicly share your intention of Bai Shi.

A:  Grandmaster Zhang’s Teachings at a Bai Shi Ceremony in 1990
1. Kylin Culture Eight Parts 麒麟文化八大部分的介绍
2. Growing Gong Four Conditions for Di Zi长功的四大条件
3. Guidelines for Di Zi 弟子准则
B:  Advanced Qigong Methods specifically for Di Zi:
1. Accelerated Macrocosmic Orbit Method大周天速成法
2. Xin Chuan or Mind Tranmission Great Method 心传大法

Workshop Dates: Februray 4-5, 2017  9am-5pm
Location: Gruenwald Press

Registration: Please fill in this Bai Shi Registration Form and mail in your check to Qi Dragon, 275 20th Ave, SF, CA94121  or pay via Paypal below and email your Bai Shi Registration Form.  Please submit your intention statement electronically by the Friday before the event the latest to and bring a hard copy to the ceremony.  No CEUs are available for this workshop.

Workshop Fee: $310 Early Bird (2-week prior); $340 Regular; $210 Bai Shi Retaker (existing Bai Shi Di Zi).  All registration is required to be done a month before the scheduled Bai Shi weekend. This fee covers the two-day workshop teaching. Traditionally a Di Zi gives a Bai Shi offering in a red envelop at the Bai Shi Ceremony to their new Shifu. Our current custom is that Bai Shi offering is an optional gift from Di Zi and you can choose to present it or not. Any Bai Shi offering we receive will be dedicated to our ongoing Heavenly Essence Qigong translation project.

Paypal Registration for Bai Shi

The ceremony is held February 5, 2017 at 3pm, friends and families as well as former Di Zi are invited to attend to witness this auspicious event. Ceremony is an open and free event.

As one Bai Shi student described her experience of Bai Shi, 
The ceremony itself was incorporated with great meaning and wonderful teachings. The ritual of initiation was very respectful and beautiful…”   –Dianna M.


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Honoring Grandmaster

Receiving Di Zi March 2014

Master Zhu Receiving Di Zi in March 2014


Flower Offering from Di Zi

Bai Shi 2015 Group

Qi Dragon 2015 Bai Shi Group


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