Qi Dragon® Qigong General Study Program


San Qing Mountain, China

Qi Dragon® Qigong is a training program for carrying on Grandmaster Zhang’s authentic original teachings that covers many different aspects of Qigong including the mind training, body training, breath training, a full range of Te Yi Medical Qigong training and a unique Internal Alchemy or Nei Dan training that are refined and simplified from many traditional Buddhist, Daoist, Martial, Medical Qigong essential practices. This is one of the most comprehensive Qigong training programs available.

Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program is a formal training of Heavenly Essence Qigong system to preserve the authentic original teachings of this lineage. Qi Dragon developed six levels training program for this comprehensive Qigong system which is the Qi Dragon™ Qigong Formal Study Level 1 -6. Qi Dragon™ Qigong Formal Study Program provides advanced level teachings for a path to health, healing, wisdom and enlightenment. These teachings make available to the practitioner a clear, open and complete map to achieve the goal of a highest level of cultivation through this specific lineage.  Level 1 & 2 Qigong focus on Te Yi Medical Qigong for healing self and others and for life preservation. Level 3 and above focus on Dao cultivation (Nei Dan or Internal Alchemy) and profound physical and spiritual transformation through its own unique accelerated approach.

Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program includes:Qi Dragon Qigong Formal Study Level 1Qi Dragon Qigong Formal Study Level 2Qi Dragon Qigong Formal Study Level 3Qi Dragon Qigong Formal Study Level 4Qi Dragon Qigong Formal Study Level 5,   Qi Dragon Qigong Formal Study Level 6 and Qigong Teachings Beyond Levels (Yuan Dun Da Fa).

Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate Program is a two-year alternative intensive training for the Qigong Formal Study Level 1 & 2. It provides a special opportunity for students who wish to get into deeper and more training and healing. It is also a prerequisite training for those who want to become Qi Dragon® Certified Qigong Instructors and Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioners.

Qi Dragon® offers different levels of Qigong training that fit students’ different levels of commitment, interest and practice needs. Qi Dragon offers the following programs: Qigong General Study Program, Qigong Formal Study Program and Qigong Certificate Program. You may select the program that best fits your needs and intention.


 Qi Dragon® Qigong General Study Program

Qi Dragon® Qigong General Study Program teaches the basics of Qigong and some common Qigong Taichi exercises to the general public without focuing on one specific Qigong lineage or systematic levels of study.  Most of our Qigong Taichi General Study workshops offer CEUs (in Cateogry 1) to L.Ac.s and RNs and there is usually no prerequisite for this program. Please verify CEU info with each workshop description.

All classes or workshops organized and facilitated by institutions other than Qi Dragon itself are generally under our Qi Dragon Qigong General Study Program unless indicated otherwise.  These workshops include a general study of basic Qigong theories, basic Qigong breathing training, some common traditional Qigong practices from different schools and the three main dynamic Qigong practices from Qi Dragon Qigong Formal Study Program.These workshops are intended for general study of Qigong for the general public’s health or life preservation practice. The general study teachings and practices are presented in different combinations and contexts in each unique individual teaching setting either as a weekly practice class, or a half-day, one-day or multiple day workshops/retreats. If you desire to have an in-depth, formal and comprehensive study of Qi Dragon™ Qi Cultivation System, you may directly start with our Qi Dragon™ Formal Study Program or start with Qi Dragon™ Qigong Certificate Program if you plan to take it as a prerequisite for our certified Qigong instructor or Te Yi Medical Qigong practitioner.

Qi Dragon Qigong General Study Program teachings:
Qigong/Taichi Warmup Routines
True Qi Circulation Method
Jiu Jie Gong (Medical Qigong for Neck and Shoulder)
Qin Quan Martial Qigong for Health
Introductory Workhop on Taiyi Swimming Dragon Taichi
Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocade)
Wu Qin Xi (Five Animals Play)
Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing Sounds)
Yi Jin Jing (Changing the Tendon)
Three Main Dynamic Qigong
Nourishing Qi Method

Qi Dragon Qigong General Study Program  may also include the following teachings on Qigong/Taichi/TCM basic theories:
A brief history of Qigong
Basic Qigong breathing methods
Qigong Golden Keys 1.2
Five Key Points in Qigong
Three Regulations in Qigong
Jing Qi Shen Theory Basics
Yin Yang Theory Basics
Five Element Theory

Qi Dragon Qigong General Study Program Events:
Monday Night Qigong
Tuesday Night Taichi
Qigong One Day Workshop
Qigong Intensive Weekend
Qin Quan Qigong for Health Workshops
12 Week Swimming Dragon Taichi Workshop Series
6 Week Swimming Dragon Taichi Workshop
Tassajara Qigong Retreat
Tassajara Swimming Dragon Taichi Retreat
Qigong/Taichi Workshops at San Francisco Zen Center  (see calendar page)
Qigong/Taichi Workshops at Green Gulch Farm (see calendar page)
Qigong/Taichi Courses at ACTCM
Qigong/Taichi Courses at SFSU


Qigong and Taichi Exercises may have the risks of pain, injury or discomfort. As a participant, you are responsible for consulting your physician regarding your medical concerns and evaluation of your suitability before signing up for any of Qi Dragon’s classes and workshops. By participating in any of Qi Dragon’s classes and workshops, you have read this disclaimer and you consent to and authorize the use and reproduction of all photographs and audiovisual related to the workshops for the purpose of promoting Taichi Qigong art and the work of Qi Dragon Healing Center.

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