Qin Quan Qigong Camp

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 Qin Quan Qigong Camp 2017
(4 Nights, 5 days)
Oct 26-30, 2017 (Thursday to Monday)

Prerequisite:  Familiarity with Qi Dragon 3 Dynamic Qigong and Qin Quan basic exercises is recommended! Both exercises are easy to pick up even if you don’t have any background.

Qi Dragon is excited to announce that our fun and energizing Qin Quan Qigong Camp is back in 2017!

           This is a special event for intensive training in Qin Quan with the combination of Qigong and Taichi, a vision Master Liping has had for years since her China trip of studying Qin Quan with Grandmaster Qin. Master Liping would like to have students to get a glimpse of her China trip experience as well as her own vision of what an ideal integrative training schedule for a Heavenly Essence Qigong with Qin Quan, Swimming Dragon Taichi and Zen meditation could be like through this camp.
              Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, surrounded by groves of redwoods, madrone, and oak trees, as well as wild deer, birds, and open space, is situated on a sacred mountain, used in previous centuries as a Pomo Indian ceremonial ground. Over forty years of Zen temple practice permeate this peaceful, supportive environment.  The grounds encompass 81 acres of rolling hills and forests and overlook the Valley of the Moon.   This environment suites Qi Dragon’s energy training very well. The simple and comfortable lodging as well as the delicious vegetarian food makes SMZC the most affordable venue for the kind of residential training we desire. We are hoping that you will join us and enjoy this rare opportunity of a daily  gentle and energizing Qigong/Taichi practice!
           We can accommodate 16 students maximum (including campers) for this event.  It is possible for some students to bring their tents instead of using the community lodging (lodging fee stays the same for tenting).
Dates: Oct 26-30, 2017
Arriving: Thursday Oct 26 between 10-11am,   lunch at 12 noon and is included.
First group session starts at 3:00pm at the big Yurt
Departing: Monday Oct 30 after lunch

Location: Sonoma Mountain Zen Center. 6367 Sonoma Mountain Road, Santa Rosa, CA95404

Check out SMZC website here for their land. Please don’t contact SMZC for this event. They are not handling our reservation. Please direct all your questions to office@qidragon.com.

Daily Schedule:
Arrival Day schedule: (Thursday Oct 26)
10am-11am Arriving
1:30-2:30pm Sleeping Qigong or Sitting Meditation (optional practice for the arriving day)
3:00-4:30pm  Orientation & Review Practice (at the big Yurt)
4:30-6 pm Free Activity
6:00pm Dinner
7:30pm-8: 55pm  Meditation with the SMZC community (optional practice for the arriving day)
9:30pm Bedtime

Other Full Day Schedule: (Friday – Sunday Oct 27-29)
5:30am Waking up
6-7am one hour Dynamic Qigong in the large Yurt
7am-8am  Breakfast (with the community)
9-11am Qin Quan individual exercises
Dragon Tiger Walking
Miraculous Dragon Fully Revealing
Alternating with Stable and Steady in All Directions

(Please note on that Saturday AM we will have an alternative schedule. We will practice for an hour then join the SMZC community for Zazen and attend the Zen lecture.)
11:15-11:45  Nourishing Qi Meditation
12-1pm Lunch (with the community)
1:30-2:30pm Sleeping Qigong or Sitting Meditation (Group practice in the yurt)
3:00-4:30pm 15-20 min Shaking off Restraints; 15 min Meeting the Source Left and Right; 15 min Pointing to the Sky and Touching the Earth; 15min Paired Work of Two Dragon Circling and Touching or Stay Within Your Bounds or Returning with No Empty Hands or Waiting at Ease for Opponent’s Exhaustion
4:30pm-5pm Optional practice of 30min Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Full Form or Tai Yi Walking Gong or Yoga of your own choice (optional)
5-6 pm Free Activity
6:00pm Dinner
8:00pm-8: 55pm  Meditation in the Big Yurt
9:30pm Bedtime
Departure Day Schedule: (Monday Oct 30)
5:30am Waking up
6-7am one hour Dynamic Qigong
7am-8am  Breakfast
9-11am Qin Quan individual exercises
11:15-11:45 Packing
12 noon Lunch
Departure after lunch before 2pm

Camp Requirements:
Before you commit to this event, we want you to be aware of some basic facts and requirements:

  1. This is a shared yurt/cabin accommodation. You will be randomly assigned to the male/female living quarters. There is limited accommodation for couples. You have the choice to bring your own tent.  There are a few tent spots available. When you arrive, feel free to find your own tenting spots. If you can’t find any tenting spots, you will always be given an indoor shared cabin spot. Please arrange your own rides to the camp. A lodging assignment will be emailed to the group before your arrival.
  1. You are expected to follow the training schedule.  The exercises are pretty simple and gentle; the hours involved in training can make you physically sore but with great rewards of getting stronger each day. Please don’t sign up for this camp if you think physically you can’t keep up with the amount of training or have difficulty following schedules. You may rest, take breaks or observe during training as needed but need to make efforts to be present for the schedule.
  2.  All three meals are delicious healthy vegetarian meals cooked by the Zen monks. Showing up for the meals on time are expected. Some food allergies might be accomodated. Generally, participants need to take care of any food allergies or special diet needs on their own. Students will rotate in helping with the dishes after meals each day together with the Zen monks. A dish crew schedule will be sent to you before your arrival.
  3. All morning exercises are individual practice. There are a couple of Qin Quan contact exercise in the afternoon and are generally gentle and structured drill practice. 15min fighting contact practice called Return with no Empty Hands is also scheduled in the afternoon. It’s ok if you choose not to do a different exercise instead for that 15 minutes. It is possible to get bruises or injuries from the contact training. Students are advised to trim their finger nails to avoid scratches.
        We are excited to share this camp experience with you! Qi Dragon is committed to the dates now, and we are hoping you will do the same! As you know, it takes tremendous energy and time to get everything organized for an event like this and we are trying to keep your cost as low as possible. This event has limited space. We would appreciate that you let us know and sign up soon if you are interested in joining the camp.
Looking forward to having you for our 3rd Annual Qin Quan Qigong Camp!
Qi Dragon
Registration Procedure:
Full Payment: Early Bird $680 lodging and tuition ($380 is non-refundable deposit) before July 31; $730 after July 31 and before September 1, 2017;   $780 after September 1 if space is available.
You may use the Paypal button for the payment and mail us your completed 
Qin Quan Camp Registration Form to 275 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA94121 or email it to office@qidragon.com or fax it to 888-622-3818

You will receive a confirmation email once we receive your application and payment.

Qin Quan Qigong Camp (Tuition and Lodging)

We will send you an email a week before the event and let you know which cabin you are staying, things to pack and remind you the details of the event again. Please arrange your transportation to the Zen Center. They may provide a shuttle for pick up at Santa Rosa at an additional fee if you come from the airport. For the shuttle, you may call SMZC to arrange. Please coordinate your own rides if you need to. If you can provide rides, please let us know.
Please read our Qin Quan Camp Cancellation Policy and Animal Policy before your registration. Please download and keep a copy of Qin Quan Camp Schedule in the Registration Form for your convenience.
Animal Policy: Due to the nature of meditative activities of Qigong and Taichi, no animals except certified service animals specified by ADA law are allowed to all our workshops and retreat trainings.   Please alert us to the need for accommodation at the time you register.

Cancellation Policy: The $380 is non-refundable deposit in any event and there is no credit for it whatsoever. The remaining fee can be given a credit towards a Qi Dragon facilitated workshop or clinic if the cancellation is made 45 days prior to the camp. This credit is valid within a year of the workshop date. There is no refund or credit for any partial participation and there is no workshop credit if cancellation is made within 45 days of the camp.
If you want to arrange to give your spot and credit to someone else, please arrange that on your own and inform us the name change of your reservation.
You will receive full refund if the event is cancelled by Qi Dragon or SMZC.

More about Sonoma Mountain Zen Center:

SMZC is located twenty minutes from Santa Rosa, and one hour north of San Francisco. It has a cozy dining room, and a beautiful bathhouse inspired by the art of Japanese joinery.  Overnight guests can sleep in rustic cabins built from reclaimed materials.  Delicious vegetarian meals are provided, as well as tea and coffee.


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Qin Quan Camp 2016

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