Tai Yi You Long Quan (Swimming Dragon Quan) Workshops


Watch Liping demonstrating Swimming Dragon Quan Form I in 1997 in San Francisco.

  Swimming Dragon Workshops by Qi Dragon

Great News! Here comes a rare opportunity to study Swimming Dragon Taichi with Grandmaster Yu and Shawn Yu or/and Swimming Dragon Walking Gong with Mrs Yu and Shawn Yu in SF, facilitated and translated by Master Liping Zhu.

Oct 24-30,2018      Taichi Workshops with Grandmaster Yu and family from China  (Each workshop is limited to 20 students.)

Workshop One: 7:30am – 8:45am Refinement of Swimming Dragon Quan with Grandmaster Yu and Shawn Yu
Prerequisite:familiarity with Swimming Dragon Quan is recommended
Workshop Two:
8:45am-10am Study Swimming Dragon Walking Gong with Mrs Yu and Shawn Yu
Prerequisite: none. Beginners or advanced students are all welcome!

Location: Outside the Recreation Center of Glen Canyon Park in San Francisco (address: 70 Elk St ), easily accessible through Glen Park Bart Station (7 min walk from Bart Station) or Bus line

Cost: $225 if sign up for a single workshop of Workshop One or Workshop Two; $400 if sign up for both workshops at the same time

Refund Policy and Disclaimer: There is no partial signup. There is no credit or refund if no show. No refund for any cancellation made within a week of the workshop.
If pay with Paypal or your credit card online, please use the drop down menu to choose which single workshop or both workshops you are signing up for. If you are mailing a check, please indicate which workshop(s). Please mail your check to Liping Zhu, 2831 E St, Eureka, CA95501. Please notify us through email if you have sent out a check.

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Paypal Registration Grandmaster Yu Workshops

12-Week Swimming Dragon Taichi Form III Instructional Workshop
Prerequisite: None
Dates: May 17 – August 2, 2018  Total 12 classes 
Time: Thursdays 7:30am-9am
Master Liping Zhu L.Ac.
Location: Golden Gate Park 6th Ave & Fulton, San Francisco
No class if it rains. There will be class if it is just wet.

Tuition: $320 Regular; $295 Early Bird (by May 3, postmarked 2 weeks prior); $250 Retaker Regular*; $225 Retaker Early Bird (postmarked 2 weeks prior) *Retaker is someone who has taken the 12 week Taichi Form III workshop in the park.
During the 12 weeks, step-by-step instruction of the swimming dragon Form II and warm-up routine practice is included. Students are required to commit to the full 12 week workshop and are self-responsible for any missed classes. Excises shoes and loose pants are recommended. Warm clothes including gloves and hats are strong recommended for the chilly but air-freshed park! New students and experienced students are all welcome!

Registration: Please read the cancellation/refund policy and disclaimer statement related to this workshop before your registration. If you pay via Paypal, please use the paypal button below for your payment and list your phone number, mailing address, email address and emergency contact info at the remark section. We will obtain your signature at the first class if you are a new student to Qi Dragon classes.

You may also send this 12 Week Swimming Dragon Taichi Workshop Registration Form with a check payable to: Qi Dragon Healing Center, 275 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA94121.

Paypal Registration for 12 Week Swimming Dragon Form III

10-week Swimming Dragon Full Form Refinement Workshop

Prerequisite: experience with all three forms of Swimming Dragon
If you have not gone through learning all three forms of Swimming Dragon Taichi and don’t mind following the full form without step-by-step instruction, it would be ok for you to join the class.

This training workshop emphasizes the Taichi Basics thru Qin Quan and  the Swimming Dragon full form regular and reverse side practice. This is not a step-by-step instructional class and is especially designed for students who want to experience the full form with a flow of energy and mind concentration and who want to strengthen the Tai Chi foundation. Class consists of 45min Qin Quan exercise and warmup routines for foundation building, 45min Swimming Dragon full form.
Dates: TBA  Total 10 classes.
Master Liping Zhu
Location: Golden Gate Park 6th Ave & Fulton
Alternate Location in case of rain: Gruenwald Press, 1663 Mission St, entrance on Plum St. All parking meters are free before 9am.  (If it is just wet, we are still meeting in the park; If you have to use window wipers for your car, we will meet at Gruenwald Press. Please also check email notices for class changes. If you are not sure, please call 415-828-2699.)
Tuition: $275 Regular; $250 Early Bird (postmarked 2 weeks prior); $300 at the door. There is no retaker fee for this workshop.
Registration:  Please read the cancellation/refund policy and disclaimer statement related to this workshop before your registration. If you pay via Paypal, please use the paypal button below for your payment and list your phone number, mailing address, email address and emergency contact info at the remark section or email us the above information.

You may also send a check payable to: Qi Dragon Healing Center, 275 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA94121. Please indicate the workshop name and date.

  Swimming Dragon Events Hosted by Other Organizations


2010 Tassajara Swimming Dragon Taichi Group

2010 Tassajara Swimming Dragon Taichi Group


2014 Tassajara Swimming Dragon Taichi Group









May 3-May 10, 2018 Tassajara Retreat:
(Save the dates for 2018 now!)

Zen and Swimming Dragon Taichi


with Dr. Liping Julia Zhu and

No previous experience necessary.
42 CEU credits/CE Contact Hours available for L.Ac. & RNs.
An extra $50 CEU certificate fee to be paid on site to Qi Dragon.

Harmonize, balance, improve health and cultivate a sense of well-being through Taichi, Qigong, and Zen.

On this retreat we will practice one form of Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Quan—a gentle, flowing form of movement that combines Taichi, Qigong, and yogic stretching. This rare Taichi style, once a secret family heirloom of Daoist Grandmaster Yu Anren, circulates and cultivates Qi and enhances balance, flexibility, and coordination. The combined practices of Taichi, Qigong, and Zen offer a lyrical and restorative experience for the body and mind that is enjoyable and vital for people of all ages. Watch Swimming Dragon Taichi on Youtube.


REGISTRATION for Tassajara events:  Online registration will be available on Tassajara website around early to mid February 2017. Book immediately as this workshop fills up quickly.
Mail: Forms in printed Tassajara brochure
Online: sfzc.org/tassajara
Phone reservations open in February 2017
 888-743-ZEN2 (9362)
How to make a reservation
Please know Qi Dragon does not handle any of registration of Tassajara events. Please check Tassajara website to determine the exact date when registration starts.

San Francisco Zen Center Half-day Taichi
Secrets of Swimming Dragon Taichi – A Daoist Way of Living 
TBA Sunday 

1:30-4:30pm at San Francisco Zen Center Buddha Hall
Please click the above link to register directly through SF Zen Center either online or front office

Green Gulch Farm One-day Taichi
Taichi for Strength and Healing
TBA, 2017

Time: 9am-4pm  at Green Gulch Farm’s Still Water Hall
No previous experience necessary.

Description: This one-day workshop will focus on working with some Taichi Qigong movements from both Qin Quan and Taiyi Swimming Dragon Quan schools. These seemingly easy and gentle exercises are powerful in building flexibility and strength, correcting body alignment and releasing stiffness.
Please click the above link to register directly through Green Gulch Farm either online or front office.

 Swimming Dragon Weekly Class 

Tuesday Evening Swimming Dragon Weekly Class
by Senior Student John Gruenwald

Prerequisite: None (ok to drop-in)
Time: 6:30pm-7:45pm @ Gruenwald Press  (1663 Mission St, entrance yellow door on Plum St, code 352)
Cost:$50 monthly fee or $15 drop-in
Instructor: Senior student John Gruenwald who is very experienced in teaching beginners.  Call John about this class at 415-734-0376 if you have questions.

Sunday Taichi Qigong in Golden Gate Park
by Master Liping Zhu

Prerequisite: None (ok to drop-in)
Time: 9am-11am (This is not a regular class.  Dates: None
Location: 6th Ave & Fulton
Cost: $15 per class

Grandmaster Yu visiting SF in 2015

Grandmaster Yu visiting SF in 2015

Taiyi Swimming Dragon Quan in Golden Gate Park

Taiyi Swimming Dragon Quan in Golden Gate Park

Master Liping Zhu