Workshop Policy


Cancellations /Refund Policy

(for all workshops registered through Qi Dragon only)

This is our general cancellation/refund policy that applies to all Qi Dragon facilitated workshops if there is no specific policy noted for the particular workshop/retreat. For workshops sponsored and registered by other organizations, please observe those organizations’ refund policy.

Policy for non-residential workshops:

For non-residential workshops, full refund is given for cancellation made 15 days before the workshop minus a $50 processing fee.  Cancellations made within 15 days before the workshop will be nonrefundable but a credit will be granted towards a future applicable equivalent workshop and is valid for one year of the original workshop date. Credits can only be used towards a Qi Dragon Healing Center faciliated workshop. All cancellations need to be made in writing. There is no credit for a partial workshop or for any missed classes.

It is a student’s responsibility to read this cancellation and refund policy, animal policy as well as our disclaimer before signing for any of Qi Dragon’s workshops.

Qi Dragon reserves the right to change the dates, some contents and location of the workshop. Qi Dragon reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment (generally 8 people minimum).  In that case, the registrants will be notified of the change and will receive full refund.

General Refund Policy for retreats involving lodging:

For all retreat setting workshops, your retreat-lodging deposit fee is not refundable for any reason once your application is accepted and there is no lodging credit available for a future retreat either. Your tuition fee for the retreat is 100% refundable if cancellation in writing is made 90 days before the retreat and will be 90% refundable if cancellation in writing is made 60 days before the retreat othewise it is not refundable at all within 60 days of the retreat, in which case the full amount tuition credit will be granted towards the next same retreat tuition for the next available same retreat. Student is responsible for any extra tuition for the future retreat if there is a price discrepancy. Your tuition credit is valid for the next round of the same training offered only. If a retreat has its particular refund policy, that policy overides this general refund policy.


Animal/Children Policy

Due to the nature of meditative activities of Qigong and Taichi, no animals except certified service animals specified by ADA law and no young children are allowed to all our workshops and retreat trainings unless we specifically say “Animals and Children are welcome”.   Please alert us to the need for ADA animal accommodation at the time when you register.

Qi Dragon reserve the right to deny anyone’s participation in our workshops/retreats if a student is not able to follow the above guidelines and policy. 


Qigong and Taichi Exercises may have the risks of pain, injury or discomfort.  As a participant, you are responsible for consulting your physician regarding your medical concerns and evaluation of your suitability before signing up for any of Qi Dragon’s workshops. By participating in any of Qi Dragon’s classes and workshops,  you have read this disclaimer and you consent to and authorize the use and reproduction of all photographs and audiovisual related to the workshops for the purpose of promoting Taichi Qigong art and the work of Qi Dragon.

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