Special Notes:

1. This is a practice class with minimum lecture. As a beginner, you will have no difficulty picking up the simple movements on the spot. The instructor’s role in such a case is to group every individual’s Qi field into a big group healing field. Practicing with a group thus enhances your energy level and has a special healing effect. The exercises are simple but each time you can go deeper and relax more into them and have very different experience each time.

2. Please be aware that you may experience some discomfort during the course of Qigong healing esp in a strong Qi field, which is normally known as “healing crisis” or “Qi charging through the sick area”. Please feel free to lower down your arms or sit or lie down to rest in class if needed.

3. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The wood floor is very smooth and you may have bare feet if you wish. But please watch out for catching wind or cold.

4. Please don’t practice the dynamic exercises part if you are pregnant. You may join the class meditating in the Qi field the whole time.

5. Please be on time and remember to turn your cell phone off prior to the practice. If you are late, please enter the practice space quietly. The entrance door is on Plum Street and there will be a sign on the door. We recently had a security pad installed on the door, The door code is 352 which allows you to unlock the door.

6. There are detailed instructions of the whole Qigong system offered through our Qigong Study Programs throughout the year. Workshop information is posted and updated on the Qi Dragon website www.qidragon.com Workshop Page. To be notified through monthly newsletter, please go to the website and join in the mailing list. If you are a Qigong beginner, while you are waiting for the Instructional Qigong workshops, you may start your Qigong practice with Monday Night Qigong right away!

7. We don’t recommend these dynamic exercises to people who have severe high blood pressure, severe heart disease, mental disorder and pregnancy. For other physical conditions, please verify with your physician your suitability for this type of exercise prior to coming to class.

8. By joining in the class, you agree that you read these special notes and are aware of the risk of any type of Qigong or Taichi exercises,  and that you are fully responsible for any of your physical reactions during or after leaving the class.

—Qi Dragon Healing Center

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