Heavenly Essence Philosophy

The Genesis of Life and the Law of Movement

               – Decoding the Principles of the Universe   by Grandmaster Zhang Hongbao

Let’s discuss four issues today:

One, the theory of Yin and Yang matters;

Two, the genesis and development of life;

Three, the theory of cycle of life;

Four, the diagram of the universe in spiral movement

Over the past decade, our country has experienced a substantial development, or rather, a great leap forward in the areas of qigong science, human biography, and life sciences. However, when the progress has reached a certain phase, sometimes it feels very difficult to move even a step forward, not only because of the resistance from the opposition but also because of our inability to offer lucid explanations about many things, because of our failure to build up a mature, modern theoretic system and a correspondent scientific methodology. We have always conducted our analyses and research using the existent framework of thinking; we have always failed to elucidate the mysteries of life and human super-functions. Many people have tried to avoid the problem by saying: it is impossible to explain all this right now. Let’s leave it for the future. It seems that the urgent problem to be resolved in the field of life sciences is one of methodology. Without a correct methodology, a correct worldview, as well as a correct philosophical framework, it is hardly possible to achieve a breakthrough here. In the recent years, in our practice in the area of life sciences, we have paid special attention to theoretic studies and to the research on the methodology in life sciences.

Today, I’d like to explore a few important issues regarding “the theory and methodology in the field of life sciences.”

One: The Theory of Yin and Yang Matters

After the turmoil of the past few decades, many people have formed a fixed worldview. Whenever a term from the traditional culture is mentioned, it rings a bell in their brain. That bell is their focus on class struggle. Whenever they see something like the Taoist emblem of black and white, they will associate it with feudal superstition, to religion. However, they never pause to think how symbols or emblems like this came into being. There are a few people who have engaged themselves in explorations for the quintessence of the philosophical thoughts in the Eastern tradition and tried to obtain an integration between them with the modern philosophical theories and modern science and technologies, but there has been hardly any breakthrough.

Today, let’s take another approach in our discussion of these issues. Let’s try to make sure that we have a clear understanding of the theory of Yin and Yang matters, the most essential and fundamental thinking to the Chinese philosophical tradition.

First of all let’s take a look at a few phenomenon. According to the modern philosophical view, everything can divide into two. This is a point of view acceptable to almost everyone, for it divulges a rule about the occurrence, development, and change of things. Let’s use this methodology with which we are familiar and explore some of the phenomena in life to see if we can make sense of these phenomena. But we should not proceed from a fixed point of view and see everything as static and immutable, for truths are always between the relative and the absolute, and we are unable to reach the absolute truth all at once. The most we can achieve is to reach an approximate truth. Any truth carries the mark of time and will develop with time. If you take this approach or methodology and are willing to accompany me in the upcoming exploration of these phenomena, you may be able to gain something. If you take this expedition with me while adhering to a fixed, conservative, and obdurate methodology, you may not be willing to listen and gain something from this intellectual exploration.

Let’s take a look at the composition of the human race from the point of view of “everything divides into two.” If we proceed from the view of “everything divides into two,” then we will conclude that the human race is the combination of two halves: Does the human race consist of a half of men and a half of men? (Audience: No!) Then the human race consists of a half of women and a half of women? (Audience: No!) How come it is not right either? Do you understand the theory of “everything divides into two”? Isn’t it about splitting a thing into two halves and then put them together into one again? Incorrect? Then we have to ask why it is not correct. Of course, we cannot say that the human race is the combination of men and men, or a combination of women and women. The human race consists of men and women. That is to say, there should a quantitative distinction and a qualitative distinction. Then, how can we integrate these two things and express the integration laconically?

Now let’s take a look at the composition of one day from the point of view of “everything divides into two.” Does a day consist of the first half of the day and the second half of the day? (Audience: No!) Incorrect? So a day has to consist of day and night, right? Therefore, besides quantitative distinctions, there should be qualitative distinctions. The content of things can only be expressed through the integration of quantity and quality.

Previously, the theory of “everything divides into two,” or the theory of contradiction, seemed to work well when it was applied to the fields of society and nature. But this theory proved inadequate when it was applied to the field of life sciences. When we open the literary history of Chinese national philosophies, we will notice that as early as two thousand years ago, there was a cogent explanation for these things. What is it? “The law of nature resides in Yin and Yang.” It means that everything in the universe divides into the two parts of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang expresses the quantities of things and at the same time the qualitative distinctions between things. This abstract idea can be applied in various fields. The saYing that “the law of nature resides in Yin and Yang” endows everything in the universe with vivid intelligence and viable information. This view of nature is different from the theory of contradiction, where the two sides of a contradiction are something inflexible, lifeless, and devoid of intelligence. Yin and Yang, on the other hand, are something intelligent; men and women are intelligent, viable beings. Where did this theory of Yin and Yang originate? There are references to it in the ancient classics such as The Book of Change and The Book of Ethics. This represents a great contribution to the human culture and human thinking by the ancient sages of the Chinese people. The Book of Ethics, a classic in five thousand characters by Lao Zi, points out seven great laws, called “the seven great laws of Lao Zi,” which include the thought of Yin and Yang. How do Yin and Yang relate to each other? It is a relationship called “the mutual derivability of Yin and Yang.” “The mutual derivability of Yin and Yang” is very close to what we refer to as “the unity of opposites,” in which the two parties of a contradiction coexist in a unified entity, where the existence of one party depends on the existence of the other, and the disappearance of one party will entail the disappearance of the other party. This is the principle of the unity of opposites. And it is similar to the principle of “the mutual derivability of Yin and Yang.” However, the content of Yin/Yang theory is different from the content of the contradiction theory. The two parties in a contradiction are inflexible, while Yin and Yang contain intelligent beings and viable lives. Lao Zi’s seven laws also include “the law of metaphysics of metaphysics,” which is what we call today “the law of negation of negation.” Lao Zi’s seven laws also include “the law of interchangeability of quality and quantity.” When these philosophical thoughts spread to the West, Hegel recognized the feasibility of these ideas and adopted them. Later, Marxism also regarded these ideas as the quintessence of human thinking and the laws of the development of the universe and the mankind, and absorbed some of the ideas into Marxism. However, Marx was not aware that these three great laws originated in Taoism of China, and what Hegel adopted was also something extraneous of those ideas. He simply saw things as consisting of two parts and failed to see the distinction between Yin and Yang on the one hand and “everything divides into two” on the other. Probably it is because of some errors in the translation. Yin and Yang were taken to refer to the same thing as “everything divides into two” and translated accordingly. Therefore, Hegel did not get the essence of the concept. It seems that human thinking and culture have moved in a circuitous path. It has now come back to China. I want to tell everybody here that the three great laws originated in China. In fact, the eight great laws originated in China.

Because of the resurgence of the popularity of The Book of Change and qigong, people have begun a renewed acquaintance with the theory of Yin and Yang and are no longer reacting to it negatively. However, many people may not have a good understanding of its content. Now let’s discuss the theory that “the law of nature resides in Yin and Yang” or everything in the universe is controlled by the law of dynamic between Yin and Yang. Do you who are sitting here today accept this view? (Audience: Yes). Since everything in the universe can be classified as Yin or Yang, then can the world be divided into Yin and Yang? Yes? But how to do it? This is a sensitive question. What do you think about it? (Audience: …). Ah? Since everything can be classified as Yin or Yang, then can the basic status of matter be divided into Yin and Yang? Yes? But how to do it? If matters can be divided into Yin and Yang, then what is Yang matter and what is Yin matter? What are their major characteristics? What are the distinctions? Some people say: things visible are Yang in nature, and things invisible are Yin in nature. Is it correct? I would say that it is partially correct. Some people say: the motion is Yang in nature, and stillness is Yin in nature. Can we put it this way? Let’s think about it. Are there other questions? What is the existent status of Yin or Yang? Let me sum it up for you. There are three major characteristics and three major distinctions. First, Yang matters are visible and tangible; they have weight and occupy space. Yin matters are invisible and intangible; they fill the space, but they do not occupy space. For instance, can we see such things as sound waves? This room is permeated with wireless signals, but who can see them? However, these things are real. They exist. Nobody can see magnetic fields either. But when two magnets are placed next to each other, the magnetic field will immediately reveal itself. You cannot see it, but you can feel it. The existence of invisible things is undeniable. Things that are invisible are called Yin matters. They fill the space but do not occupy the space. They are invisible and intangible. This is a major characteristic of Yin matters. Secondly, all Yang matters exist in the form of particles, while Yin matters exist in the form of waves. No matter how they change in shapes, Yang matters may exist in any form of particles. Yin matters exist in the form of waves, such as brain waves and waves of thought. These things are invisible, but can be reflected in certain ways. Thirdly, the moving speed of Yang matters does not exceed that of life, while the minimum moving speed of Yin matters is that of light, which is the borderline between Yin matters and Yang matters. If you can grasp the three major distinctions between Yin and Yang matters, you will find it easier to understand the following discussions. Therefore, we should make sure that we have a clear idea of these fundamental issues.

Einstein is upheld as father of modern science. His theory of relativity includes the tau-effect. According to the theory of tau-effect, with the acceleration of speed, an object will decrease in size in direct proportion. To what extent can the object decrease in size? Can it become so small that it is invisible? I think I am venturing into a forbidden zone. No matter how small an object is, as long as its movement is under the speed of light, it is still visible. At his time, nobody had the audacity to mention the existence of anything that can exceed the speed of light. At the starting point, let’s stand upon the shoulder of this giant of science and continue to explore the topic of tau-effect. As our predecessors found out that with the increase of speed, the object will decrease in size. Then, is it possible to speculate that the size of the object will be reduced to zero? What happens to the human body in the magic of invisibility, wall-penetration, and telekinesis that occur in super-functions? What is required here is an open mind. The third characteristic of Yin matters that I introduced to you a moment ago is the speed of extra-light. When an object is in the state of extra-light, another of its characteristics will emerge: invisibility and intangibility. When an object is traveling under the speed of light, it is visible; however, with the increase of the speed, its size is becoming smaller and smaller. When it reaches the critical point of light speed, a qualitative change will take place in the existent state of the matter: Yang matter will beget Yin matter, and the characteristics and features of Yin matters will reveal themselves: such as invisibility of extra-light. Can you accept the theory I have just explicated? (Audience: Yes). You can accept it? That’s good. Those who accept it can be assigned chairpersons of UFO associations. We have spent so many years working on the mystery of UFO, and so many books have been published, but still we have not been able to figure out what on earth is UFO. Why is UFO sometimes visible and sometimes invisible? Is it related to speed? Let’s leave this issue for a moment, for the issue will be resolved when we finish our discussion later. The crux of the problem resides in the interrelations between Yin and Yang matters and Yin and Yang matters have their own respective law and characteristics.

How do Yin and Yang matters relate to each other? The existence of one depends on the existence of the other. “Yin and Yang derive from each other.” Yin cannot exist without Yang, and Yang cannot grow without Yin. There is Yang in Yin, and there is Yin in Yang. “Yin resides in Yang, and Yang resides in Yin.” For instance, the visible and tangible things are all Yang in nature, but brain waves, electrical waves, sound waves and magnetic fields are invisible. You see, there is Yin in Yang. What is the Yin in the human body? (Someone in the audience: Soul!). It is called soul? Some people call it soul, but we don’t have to worry about the terminology. We call it Yin matter, because it is invisible and intangible. But there is something in the human body. Why does Yin matter exist? That is determined by nature. There is Yin in Yang. Yin cannot exist without Yang, and Yang cannot grow without Yin.

When we have a clear understanding of this theory, we can go on to discuss something of a deeper level. Any system of philosophy or science cannot be complete if it fails to offer a correct explanation about the genesis of things in the universe, about the laws governing the movement, change, and development of these things. Therefore, Buddhism, Taoism, and Marxism each offer their own opinions. Buddhism, Taoism, and Protestantism each have their own respective theories. How do the various schools of philosophy look at these issues today?

Two: The Genesis and Development of Life

Our previous discussion has described the constitution of the universe as multi-dimensional: consisting not only of length, width, and height but also of elements of space and time. In the following we will use a coordinate diagram expressing the genesis of the universe to explore the genesis of life and find out what will be the result of this exploration.

Let’s use “y” to indicate space and Yin matter, and “x” to indicate time and Yang matter. The points on the diagram, m, f, h indicate the merging points where x and y intersect each other at certain space-time. What do these merging points mean? They refer to a variety of geneses, including various plants and microbes. From this diagram we can see that the genesis of species actually is the coordination of Yin and Yang matters in different space time zones. Since space-time is infinite, the levels and variety of the coordination is also unlimited. After the genesis, the species will move according to the law of inheritance, evolution and cycle of life. As the axels of “x” and “y” can extend infinitely, Yin and Yang matters can conduct unlimited coordination in the boundless range of space-time that expands infinitely. The result is the infinite variety of the states of existence of life.

Y (Yin, space)


— -*




—-|————————-* Species


|                                      |


|                                     |


|                                     |


|                                     |


—-|————–*               |


—-|———*     |               |


|            |       |               |x(Yang, time)


A Coordinate Diagram of the Genesis of Life

As indicated in the diagram, the coordination of Yin and Yang matters in various points of space-time will beget different species. If axel “x” and axel “y” extend infinitely, meaning space and time extend infinitely, then the points of coordination between Yin and Yang matters will become infinite, and the variety of life and species will be infinite. The conclusion is that the forms of life are not limited to the levels that are accessible for the human intelligence. There should be forms of life at higher levels.

As indicated in the diagram, the closer an object is to axel “y,” the closer it is to Yin in nature; the closer an object is to axel “x,” the more predominant will be Yang matter in the composition of that object in its state as life. As a form of life, the mankind is predominately composed of Yang in its state of life, therefore closer to axel “x.” Now, can you accept the idea that the closer a life is to axel “x,” the more superior is the function of that life? From the coordinate diagram of the genesis of life, we can come to the conclusions listed as follows:

First, the genesis of life is the coordination of Yin and Yang matters in different space-time intersections;

Second, life exists in states of infinite variety;

Third, since Yin matters and Yang matters can integrate with each other at a certain point, then the possibility arises that Yin and Yang is mutually transformable. If that is the case, can the superior forms of life composed by Yang matters transform to extra-superior forms of life composed by Yin matters? Let’s think about it. To put it more clearly, can superior lives transform into extra-superior lives?

From this mathematic model, we can come to the realization that the states of life do not stop at superior forms of life; there are extra-superior lives out there. These kinds of lives exist in extra-superior forms of life at a higher level and consisting mainly of Yin matters. They carry all the characteristics of Yin matters and, as lives that enjoy higher degrees of freedom and liberty, are able to master Yin and Yang.

From this point of view, let’s take a closer look at the issue relating to extra-terrestrials and UFO. We will find it no longer an unsolvable mystery. We believe that the extraterrestrials are some kind of extra-superior life, existing in a state of life consisting mainly of Yin matters. Under normal circumstances, they move at an extra-light speed and are invisible. Are they able to reduce their speed to that of under the speed of light? As we have mentioned before, with the mastery of Yin/Yang law, the mutual transformation of Yin and Yang can be achieved, and the speed can be reduced to that of under light speed. What phenomenon will occur if the speed is reduced to under that of light? They will become visible, for the characteristics of Yang matters will reveal themselves. The fundamental cause of the fact that UFOs of the terrestrials are sometimes visible and sometimes invisible is that they have mastered the law and methodology of the change of Yin and Yang. When they want to take a good look at how human beings live on the earth, they will control Yin and Yang and reduce their speed to under that of light. At such times, people can see a big halo, a dish-shaped thing flYing by. And that is what we call UFOs. When we want to approach them, they don’t want you to know their secrets, they would resume their normal speed and get away at extra-light speed. With the resumption of extra-light speed, the characteristics of Yin matters re-emerge and they become invisible and intangible. That is why UFOs always disappear suddenly, leaving people dazed in amazement. Some time ago, a newspaper reported that people in a country observed a UFO flYing in the air and airplanes were immediately dispatched o intercept it. Several airplanes took off and when they were in the air, the UFO disappeared all of a sudden. Nobody understands how. You see, UFO magazine have been published one after another, but nobody have been able to figure out the puzzle. Actually, the extra-superior lives consisting mainly of Yin matters are sometimes visible and sometimes invisible, just as the so-called masters on our planet who claimed to have super-functions. They are able to disappear suddenly. Where do they go? There are two possibilities: one is the employment of illusion techniques; the other is the employment of genuine skills of invisibility, the concrete indication of the transformation of Yin and Yang. When you travel at the speed of light, the state of existence of life temporarily transforms into a state of life based mainly on Yin matters, and becomes invisible and intangible, permeating the space without occupYing it. However, when the speed is reduced to under that of light, the form of existence of a human being, consisting mainly of Yang matters, resumes its form. It is the same case with wall-penetration, and it is the same case with telekinesis. How do we explain the phenomenon of the eye of law that we talked about yesterday? How do we explain the phenomena of wall-penetration, telekinesis, fast fleeing technique, and invisibility? In the fast fleeing technique, a person can take advantage of a cup of water to get away and in a brief moment he is thousands of kilometers away. How come that he can move so fast, faster than an airplane, faster than a rocket? How do we explain these phenomena? All these are determined by the characteristics of Yin matters, the characteristics of Yin functions. The starting speed is the extra-light speed; that is why a person can move so fast. How fast can one run? “It is all up to the mind.” It is all controlled by Yin matters or Yin facilities. There are Yin and Yang matters. Are there Yin and Yang functions? How to make distinctions? Yang functions are visible during the exercises, while Yin functions are invisible during the exercises. In fact, Yin functions are what we call super-functions, or super-functions are Yin functions. To do exercises on Yin functions is to practice super-functions. Practicing Yin functions is nothing more than looking for a method to master Yin and Yang, to obtain a higher level of freedom and liberty physically and spiritually. Ever since the ancient times, people have been seeking to change life forms, to achieve a leap forward from superior life forms to extra-superior life forms. The essence here is to master Yin and Yang, to master the transformation between Yin and Yang.

From this perspective, fairies are not illusionary. It is not difficult to become fairies. Fairies and Buddha were derived from human beings. I only hope that the human world is full of fairies.

Three: The Theory of the Cycle of Life

Many people tend to associate the concept of cycle of life to that of reincarnation. The Buddhist theory of six ways of reincarnation is about the circuitous movement of six major categories of species. You are human in this life, but you may turn into a dog, or a pig, in the next life. This theory may be intended to educate people, to teach them to lead a virtuous life. Buddhism can find many supporting evidences for its theory of reincarnation. For instance, at Banchan’s death, his followers will occupy themselves for many years in a search around the places in the direction his finger pointed at before his death. This search is to find a child that was born at exactly the same moment as Banchan’s death. When the child is found, he will be shown many items such as Buddhist beads that Banchan used during his lifetime. A genuine items and a spurious item will be presented before the child. If the child picks up the genuine one, he is qualified as a candidate. Then a variety of tests will be conducted to see if the child is similar to the original Banchan in terms of behavior, mien, and language. The conclusion of this procedure will be the identification of the reincarnated Buddha. Do you think it is a scientific procedure? If you don’t think it is scientific, there are actually many similar instances. Recently, such a case occurred in India: A baby began to talk soon after she was born. When she turned five or six, she began to talk about how far her home was from here and how she had been murdered, that she had children at home, and she had a husband, and so on. This child had never left home, but because she kept talking about these strange things, curiosity made some people to conduct a search in the direction as she had indicated. And it turned out that there was such a family, and such a murder had taken place. When the child was taken there, she was able to identify that the children in that family and how the furniture had been laid out in the room. This is really something hard to comprehend. Recently, some philanthropists collected information about more than a thousand of children of the similar experiences; the ideal age is between 4 and 6. When the children were asked where they had come from, they would told you, and the ensuing searches usually proved that the children had been telling the truth. Some people have established theories or system in this area and published research papers to argue for the validity of reincarnation theories.

In our view, all these are extraneous phenomena; they do not tell us the essence of things. After the genesis of species, things operate according to certain laws, but where does life go? We believe that life moves in “cycles.” What are cycles? First of all, we should affirm that matter is inextinguishable. The following discussion is based on the affirmation that matter is inextinguishable. Matter can be divided into Yin and Yang. If Yang matters are inextinguishable, are Yin matters extinguishable? When organisms dissolve and turn into dust, Yang matters do not disappear and continue to exist in the form of particles. How about the invisible, intangible Yin matters? Where do they go? If they are also inextinguishable, then what do they involve? This question is getting more and more interesting as we ponder upon it. This is the first issue (matter is inextinguishable). The second issue we should affirm is that things develop in a spiral fashion. There is no simple movement of circling. If matter is inextinguishable, things develop in a spiral fashion, and Yin and Yang matters exist, then it is much easier for us to explain where life goes. We are able to offer a reasonable explanation for phenomena such as the reincarnation of Banxhan and the previous lives of those children. Where lies the clue? When the organisms of life have dissolved, the inextinguishable Yang matter gradually turns into dust, while the Yin matter still permeate the space, although it does not occupy the space and remains invisible and intangible. It continues to exist in the form of waves, which carry the traces of previous times. All the information of human evolution is carried by these waves. When this Yin matter is integrated with certain Yang matter at another space-time intersection, a new life is begotten. Don’t think that this life is merely the integration of a sperm and an egg. Both the sperm and the egg have forms; they are Yang and Yin of Yang matter. They still belong to the category of Yang, so they must be integrated with another Yin. This Yin may exist in the form of common human biographic waves, i.e. Yin matter that exists in the form of waves. At least, it carries the traces of human evolution. People of super-functions are those who carry Yin matter with stronger information. When this kind of Yang matter integrates with certain Yin matter at the moment of the integration of a sperm and an egg, a new life is born. If some dies a premature death, or someone is a person of special character, the information that he or she carries is very strong. This accounts for the occurrence of reincarnation. The child that is born will remember, in a few years, what happened in the past and begins to talk about his experience in the previous life. In amazement, people will say that this is an instance of reincarnation and that it is that man reincarnated. Let’s take an outsider’s perspective and try to figure out if it is really the case. The individual in the previous life consisted of matter in two states: Yang matter and Yin matter. Does the Yang matter of that person come back? No, it has already turned into dust. Then what matter of that person has come back? The Yin matter. The Yin matter integrates with some new Yang matter at certain space-time intersection to produce a new life. This new life carries some traces of the previous life, but the person born is not the simple repetition or reincarnation of the person that has died. Actually, the person that is newly born is somewhat superior to the person that has died. That law is in effect here? It is the law of spiral movement. The new life resembles the original life but is not identical to the original life. It is not a simple cycle or repetition. It is an integration that takes place at a different space-time point, an integration that produces a new life. This theory is called “the theory of the cycle of life.”

Four. The Diagram of the Universe in Spiral Movement

Whether it is a religion, a political party, or a discipline, people like to use a symbol or a simple emblem to express their beliefs or their worldview. What is the emblem of the party flag of the Soviet Union? It is a hammer and a sickle, representing workers and peasants. It expresses the people whose interest it is supposed to work for. Buddhism advocates the belief that “all other schools are about insignificant skills; only the unreality of universe is the big way.” They call the act of being converted to Buddhism as entering the gate of emptiness. They practice abstinence and advocate escaping from the mundane world. How do they perceive the movement of things in this world? Buddhism refers to it as “six cycles.” How do things move in cycles? What they are talking about seems to be an enclosed cyclic movement, without variations. Therefore, I draw a diagram for Buddhism called “the diagram of emptiness,” which reflects the Buddhist view of life and methodology.

How about Taoism? The diagram of the universe is the model of its worldview and methodology.

According to Taoism, the genesis of all things in the universe is dominated by a general law, which already existed before the genesis of all things. What is this law? There is no clear explanation. But there is an ambivalent term called “Tao.” Tao gave rise to a chaotic body that is the universe, i.e. “Tao begets one.” Then this chaotic body begot two basic matters called Yin matter and Yang matter, i.e. “one begets two.” From this time one, everything in the universe is related to Yin and Yang matters: “the law of the universe resides in Yin and Yang.” A new entity is born out of the integration of Yin and Yang. It is an entity where Yin and Yang coexist; therefore, it is also called “three.” Tao begets one; one begets two; two begets three. But this three is no longer the primal emptiness, for the emptiness now contains Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang coexist in a common entity and become interdependent; without either one of them, the unified entity will exist no more. The coexistence of Yin and Yang in a common entity constitutes life and everything in the universe, i.e. “three begets all the things in the universe.” Therefore, the diagram reflects the relation between Yin and Yang; it reflects the law of inter-derivability of Yin and Yang.” What does the black spot in the area of Yang signify? It indicates that there is Yin in Yang. And the white spot in the area of Yin signifies that there is Yang in Yin. Yang resides in Yin, and Yin resides in Yang; Yin cannot exist without Yang, and Yang cannot grow without Yin. Thus, this diagram reflects the relation between Yin and Yang. Let’s take a closer look now. What does the S-shaped curve between Yin and Yang signify? Looked at horizontally, the curve is undulating, indicating that the things develop in motions that resemble waves. If you add a circle in the middle of the curve, the pattern of waves will disappear. This is what we call the law of metaphysics of metaphysics. Many people have attempted to interpret this law, and there have been many explanations. However, if you have a genuine mastery of the seven law mentioned in Laotzu’s Book of Ethics, you will have a better understanding of this diagram. Why do Taoists wear this diagram on themselves? Taoists believe that they possess a true understanding of the law of the movement of the universe, this understanding represents the highest level of human cognition, and the diagram expresses their worldview and methodology. They are proud of it because this is a discovery made by Taoism. The fishtail-shaped Yin and Yang also reflect a few important laws: the law of interchangeability of quality and quantity, the law of causality, and the law of reversibility of extremes. How? Look at this fishtail of Yang: it is very small at first; then it gradually grows bigger. When it reaches the limit, it begins to develop in the opposite direction: it turns into Yin, for the fishtail of Yin begins to emerge and grows bigger onto the fish head of Yin. When it reaches the limit, it turns into Yang. This is called the law of reversibility of extremes. Yin in its extreme will beget Yang, and Yang in its extreme will beget Yin. Things that develop to their limits will begin to move in the opposite direction. Let’s take another look. What else does this diagram signify? Why does the fishtail of Yin emerge at this end? It is because on the corresponding side there is the fish head of Yang. The fish of Yang expands from the fail to the head, from small to big. When it reaches a certain extent, Yang in its extreme will beget Yin. What happens previously gives rise to the consequence that ensues. This is called the law of causality. Things are all causally related to one and other. If we only pay attention to the consequences and fail to look for the causes, it will be impossible for us to have a comprehensive view of the thing and to draw a correct conclusion. The practical application of the law of interchangeability of quality and quantity, the law of reversibility of extremes, and the theory of Yin and Yang will make it easier for us to come up with good explanations for the phenomena of telekinesis and UFOs. The critical point for the transition between Yang and Yin matters is the speed of light. When the speed reaches that of light, Yang in its extreme will beget Yin, and the characteristics of Yin matter will reveal themselves: invisibility and intangibility. Here the law of reversibility of extremes and the law of interchangeability of quality and quantity are plaYing their roles. You see, how much of the quintessence of human cognition and how many laws are reflected in this simple diagram! That is why Taoists elicit so much pride out of this diagram. The diagram of the universe does make much sense. It seems to be at the highest level of human cognition. Its information includes the genesis of species, the various states of existence, and the patterns of movement. However, where does life go afterwards? And how does it operate afterwards? In addition, do things develop only in the fashion of waves? What should we pay attention to if we want to move things forward? These laws are not reflected in the diagram. Therefore, the diagram of the universe is not, after all, at the highest level of human cognition. There is room for further development. How do we move forward from here? When the development leads us to the Heavenly Essence culture, the result if the diagram of the universe in spiral movement.

(The Diagram of Emptiness, The Diagram of the Universe, The Diagram of the Universe in Spiral Movement)

Let’s try to make a distinction between the diagram of the universe and the diagram of the universe in spiral movement. The images of Yin and Yang in the diagram of the universe resemble two fish, divided by an S-shaped curving borderline in the middle, representing that things develop in the pattern of waves. The images of Yin and Yang in the diagram of the universe of spiral movement are two eagle heads, divided by a ~ shaped curving borderline in the middle, indicating the inevitable conflicts in the process of development. At the same time, it indicates that when something’s development reaches its peak, it does not immediately go downwards; instead, when Yang turns into Yin, when something on its peak begins to transit to the valley, very often there seems to be a trend of reversal. Reflected in the curve, it is in a pupal shape. We call this pattern of movement or this state of development as a “pupal advance.” When you have mastered this law, you will not be blinded by temporary adversities; instead, you should follow the laws governing the development of things and try to maintain your own balance and equilibrium On the other hand, when things are moving on smoothly, you should remain alert and chary. At difficult times, you should keep in mind that things will eventually move on with the passage of time and better times will emerge after you have turned the corner. Whoever masters this law will be able to master relative freedom. When things are in low tides, you need to conserve your energy and resources in preparation for the arrival of another high tide; when things are moving on well, you need to keep a clear mind and try to anticipate the next low tide so that when the low tide actually arrives you will be able to minimize the loss. It is beneficial for us to use these laws as guidelines in our practice. The diagram of the universe in spiral movement reflects all the laws; it presents a comprehensive coverage of the principles: “the law of nature resides in Yin and Yang;” “the mutual derivability of Yin and Yang;” “there is Yin in Yang, and there is Yang in Yin;” “Yang resides in Yin, and Yin resides in Yang;” “Yin cannot exist without Yang, and Yang cannot grow without Yin;” “interchangeability of Yin and Yang;” “causality;” “the reversibility of extremes;” and “pupal progress and spiral ascendance.” These are all basic laws governing the development of things in the universe. In addition, the curving borderline dividing Yin and Yang in the diagram of the universe of spiral movement also reflects another important law: the Way is nature; the Tao is nature. Everything has its own rule of development, independent of any human will. What we can do is to follow the natural rules, master these rules, and proceed according to these rules. There will be penalty for any violation of the rules. The fact that Yin and Yang in the diagram of the universe of spiral movement are very well balanced serves to remind people that the principle of solving problems should be based on moderation, impartiality, and balance

So far, through a simple model – the diagram of the universe of spiral movement, mankind has conveyed a comprehensive expression of various basic laws governing the occurrence, development, change, and movement of things in the universe, as well as the methodology that is compatible with the theory of the Way. Truth is always explicit; the Way is always simple.

“A superior man hears of the Way and practices it assiduously; a mediocre person hears of the Way and hesitates in his belief; an inferior man hears of the Way and laughs it away.”

(This article is based on a series of academic lectures Mr. Zhang Hongbao delivered at Beijing Science Auditorium on November 3, 1990)

** This translation version is from tianhuaculture.net. Qi Dragon hasn’t made any editing to it.




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