Grandmaster Yu Anren was invited to Hong Kong twice to teach his art.

In 1988, he took part in the National Martial Arts Exhibition and Exchange Meet in Jinzhou and performed the Swimming Dragon Chuan and some swordmanship.
Currently, he is preparing materials from the Taiyi Men techniques – boxing and weaponry routines – for publication. He is both the coach and a standing member of the Changsha Martial Arts Association and a standing member of the Hunan Martial Arts Association. He has also invented a Calendar of the Body’s Vital Rhythms chart which has been patented.”

Watch Grandmaster Yu demontrating Swimming Dragon Quan in Changsha, China

Comments on Master Yu Anren by Kenneth Cohen

“Master Yu Anren’s extraordinary, gold-medal ability in the Chinese healing and martial arts is matched only by his depth as a scholar and human being. He is one of those rare, true masters who not only walks his talk, but lives it, in the finest traditional Taoism.” KENNETH COHEN, M.A. Qi Gong Master, author of Qi Gong Meditations

Story about Master Yu Anren in Kenneth Cohen’s book ” The Way of Qigong” Page 38

“Increasing the reserve of Jing stimulates hair growth. The hair also has a tendency to return to its original color. Qigong Master Yu An-ren was imprisoned for several years during China’s Cultural Revolution. He was in his thirties at the time. During his incarceration, the center of his head developed a spot of gray, which quickly spread, until all of his hair turned silver. At the same time, his spine began to hunch over. His resting heart rate was 90-100 beats per minute, jumping to 120 if he climbed a flight of stairs. On his release, Yu began to practice qigong intensively in order to regain his health. Now at age fifty-seven, he has a full head of black hair, a straight flexible spine, and a resting heart rate of seventy.”

What does Wikipedia say about Taiyi Swimming Dragon Quan?

Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Quan (Chuan) or Tai Yi You Long Gong is the name of an Neijia (internal or soft style) Daoist martial art form that has been practiced in China for hundreds of years. It is Daoist Master Yu Anren’s family heirloom, originating from Wudang Mountain in China. It combines elements found in Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, and Yogic stretching emphasizing both the inner and outer practice. Today this form is taught by representatives Zhu Mingyuan in Hunan (China); Li Yongliang in Melbourne (Australia) and Liping Zhu in San Francisco (USA). Here is Grandmaster Yu Anren’s official website:

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