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(can be taken at any time)

Monday Night Qigong Zoom Meeting (Prerequisite required 6:30-8:30pm)
Distant Course: Level 1 Part I – Life Preservation Qigong (no prerequisite)
Distant Course: Level 1 Part II- Microcosmic Orbit Qigong (Prerequisite: Level 1 Part I)



May 16 , 2020  Qigong for HealthAbdominal Qi Healing (7 CEUs for L.Ac. approved) (please check for registration info)
(one-day retreat at San Francisco Zen Center)
Sunday, 9am-4pm, In Conference Center, 308 Page St, SF
no prerequisite

May 17 – 24, 2020 Tassajara Swimming Dragon Taichi Retreat (starting May 17 at 4pm, ending May 24 at 12noon)
 (42 CEUs for L.Ac. approved)  (This retreat is filling up quickly! Register now!)
– Tassajara Zen Mountain Center
Sample Tassajara Taichi Retreat Tentative Schedule for your reference.

REGISTRATION for Tassajara events: Online registration will be available on Tassajara website around mid February. Book immediately as this workshop fills up quickly.

Mail: Forms in printed Tassajara brochure
Online reservations open in February
888-743-ZEN2 (9362)
How to make a reservation


June 6-7, 2020 Qigong Formal Study – Level 1 Part II Accelerated Microcosmic Orbit Qigong   Online Live, 9am – 5pm
Prerequisite: Level 1 Part I – Life Preservation Qigong (Live or Online)

June 8-30, 2020 Three Week Online Daily Intensive Practice for Microcosmic Orbit Qigong

June 17-18, 2020 tentatively postponed to August 19 Bai Shi  
Prerequisite: Qigong Formal Study Level 1 Part I – Life Preservation Qigong

June 18-28, 2020  tentatively postponed to August 20-30  Level 3 Formal Study Retreat (11-day, 10 nights; arrive June 18 at 3pm, depart June 28 after breakfast)
minimum Level 1&2 Formal Study Program
Please notify us your interest in this training if you have met the prerequisite. Maximum of 12 students and Minimum of 8 students is required.

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The following information applies to all Qi Dragon administered Qigong workshops:

Regular Registration
(register within 2 weeks)
2-day workshops: $340

Early registration
(must register 2 weeks prior)
2-day workshop $310

At the door:
You need to email or call us if you are planning to register at the door
(same day registrants)
Regular Fee + $25

CEU Certificates
All CEUs are in Category 1
for CEU approved courses
Registration fee + CEU fee
($40 for 2-day workshops /$25 for 1 day workshops/$30 for Qigong Fasting weekend)

For Taichi and Qin Quan class fees, please refer to the registration forms for each workshop. For workshops sponsored by other organizations, please refer to the related links.



(Applies to all workshops registered through Qi Dragon only)

It’s a student’s responsibility to read our REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY before registering for any of our workshops.


Qigong and Taichi Exercises may have the risks of pain, injury or discomfort. As a participant, you are responsible for consulting your physician regarding your medical concerns and evaluation of your suitability before signing up for any of Qi Dragon’s classes and workshops. By participating in any of Qi Dragon’s classes and workshops, you have read this disclaimer and you consent to and authorize the use and reproduction of all photographs and audiovisual related to the workshops for the purpose of promoting Taichi Qigong art and the work of Qi Dragon Healing Center.

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