12 Week Qin Quan Training Workshop

(Prerequisite: Qin Quan Half-day or One-day Workshop is recommended)

This is an hour and 30 minute long weekly class for training Qin Quan Part A in its completion. Qin Quan Part A includes moves for loosening and strengthening your wrists, elbows, shoulders, back and legs, improving your body alignment and structure as well as training your ability of adhering to your opponent, unity force and sinking force in martial application. This training enhances your endurance, flexibility, balance and strength and helps to correct your structure imbalance. All exercises can be done gently including the exercises in contact.

The class format is mainly self practice with instruction, guidance, attunement and correction of moves when needed. No wearing watches or long nails for this class. Loose clothing and exercise shoes are recommended.
This class focuses on the health benefit of Qin Quan and the paired contact exercises are done gently and for fun. Students interested in participating in active fighting practice are required to do a special waiver.
The last four exercises in Qin Quan A are paired contact exercises that have special value in testing your individual exercises and in further training your reaction, flexibility, endurance and sensitivity in adhering to your opponent. You can choose not to practice them but focus on individual exercises if you need to.
This is your special opportunity for receiving Qin Quan A full training.
Qin Quan Part A: (秦拳A班)
青龙出水 (Qing Long Chu Shui)
Green Dragon Emerging from the Water
倒卷珠帘 (Dao Zhuan Zhu Lian)
Rolling the Pearl Curtain Upside Down
一花六叶 (Yi Hua Liu Ye)
One Flower With Six Petals
四平八稳 (Si Ping Ba Wen)
Stable and Steady In All Directions
海底探珠 (Hai Di Tan Zhu)
Looking for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea
如影随形 (Ru Ying Sui Xing)
Following Like a Shadow
双龙旋盘 (Shuang Long Xuan Pan)
Two Dragons Revolving
神龙全显 (Shen Long Quan Xian)
Miraculous Dragon Fully Revealing
双龙圈点 (Shuang Long Quan Dian)
Two Dragons Circling and Touching
以逸待劳 (Yi Yi Dai Lao)
Waiting at Ease for the Opponent’s Exhaustion
手不空回 (Shou Bu Kong Hui)
Returning With No Empty Hands
各守本分 (Ge Shuo Ben Fen)
Staying Within Your Bounds


Time: None 7:30am-9am

Tuition: $320 Regular; $295 Early Bird, postmarked 2 weeks prior; At the door $345 if space is avaiable
Please read the cancellation/refund policy and disclaimer statement on this page before your registration. Please send this Qin Quan 12 Week Registration Form with your check to: Qi Dragon Healing Center, 2831 E St, Eureka, CA95501.

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