Educate yourself about TCM and know how that could be potentially helpful to you as a healing option together with western medicine if needed.   According to many articles from China, Chinese Medicine played a very important role in preventing and treating those who contracted coronavirus in the early, mid-stage and recovery stage. China has learned a big lesson from treating SARS in 2003 with heavy western medicine antibiotics and steroids at the initial stage and later found the survivors ending up with severe avascular necrosis. For treating coronavirus this time, TCM has been very much integrated with all western medicine treatments and in some hospitals treating early stage patients only TCM was used. Here is a one hour video by Dr. John Chen on using TCM treating flu and viral infections (at 1:02, he talked about the formula Yu Ping Feng San. It was inspiring to hear about the ancient time Chinese physician Dr Wu treating patients in the frontline at the outbreak of epidemics).  Also another very good Youtube by Dr. John Chen on How Coronavirus is Treated in China with TCM.                

Here is a newly published authoritative Handbook on diagnosis and treatment of Coronavirus with TCM in China for those of you who want to look at some tongue diagnosis pictures and who can read Chinese. I am still looking for the English translation version (The book cover says it is in both Chinese and English, but no English version has been found).  


All these articles are for education purpose. The actual clinical application can be much more complex. Chinese Medicine is only prescribed by licensed acupuncturist and herbalist according to each individual’s health condition and symptom manifestation. Any self diagnosis and prescription can endanger your health. Please call your acupuncturist to get a thorough evaluation before you take any herbal prescriptions.

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