Disclaimer: This post is intended for educational purpose and not as a diagnosis or prescription. If you are going to take any herbs other than home remedy tea, you need to consult with a licensed TCM doctor to make sure it fits your constitution and your symptoms. If you have high fever, cough or body ache or other possible signs of COVID-19, you should immediately isolate yourself and contact your primary doctor for seeking further medical assistance.

I. Increase your immunity options: 

          A: Qigong/Taichi every day
You can study our free Qi Dragon Taichi Youtube videos  or take our online distant learning Qigong courses. (For our existing Heavenly Essence Qigong students, we recommend you do your daily practices of three Dynamic Qigong, Microcosmic Orbit Qigong, Collecting Light, Bone Marrow, Eight Extra Meridian, Swimming Dragon Taichi and Qin Quan depending on your training received.)
B: Acupuncture
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine helps support the prevention and treatments of early stage symptoms and the recovery stage. If you have more severe symptoms, please call your primary doctor immediately.
          C:  A special home preventative remedy for strengthening your defensive Qi: every morning drink a warm cup of tea of fresh giner, garlic and the white root part of Chinese chives (slice them and boil for 20min with raw brown sugar or substitute with honey added when drinking. No sugar or honey for those who have diabetes.)                                                             
          D: Consider taking immune boosting herbal formula daily especially for those whose immunity is compromised after checking with your TCM doctor: Immune+ or Yu Ping Feng San. These two formulas are similar and they both have the same three main herbs Huang Qi (Astragalus), Bai Zhu and Fang Feng that can increase your Yang Qi and build your defensive Qi. Immune+ is designed by modern master herblist from eLotus and has three extra herbs: Ling Zhi (a chinese mushroom Reishi), Cordyceps, Schizandra which can support your lung, heart and your sleep.  Please consult with your TCM doctor for your herbal prescription and know which stage to take which herbs.
E: take some zinc, Vitmin C and herbs at the very beginning of any symptoms of cold/flu.
          F: If stress and worry is affecting your sleep, there are some calming and sleeping aid formula Calm or Calm ZZZ or Schizandra Dreams or Schizandra ZZZ that can possibly help. Good sleep and rest makes your immunity stronger. Please consult with your TCM doctor for your herbal prescription.
II. Increase your Yang Qi DIY options: 
              A: Sun bathing for 30-40min of your back.
              B: Deep breathing practice every morning when you wake up
              C: Bi Gu (Qigong fasting method if you have studied, it is a powerful way to increase your Yang Qi. Don’t try this on your own without receiving proper instruction and guidance.)
              D: Soaking your feet in hot water (with or without slices of fresh ginger) for 15-20min every evening. You can get more out of the fresh ginger if you boil them.  This is especially good for those who tend to have cold feet. Make sure you check the water temperature with your hand to avoid burning of your feet if you have reduced sensation of your feet.
             E: Eat healthy wholefoods and go to bed early (ideally before 10pm)
             F: Meditation daily and build your positive intention or Yinian and eliminate fear and anxiety.
Jun 272011

Martial Adventure in China (9)
Posted on December 27, 2010 by liping

Happy Thanksgiving!
It’s hard to believe it’s Thanksgiving time! I hope you are having some extra Turkey for me:-)
My days are slipping away here and I apologize for not blogging these days.
I have been working on translating the Qin Quan names into English in my limited free time and you will see them very soon. There is not much to say about my training right now since every day is practice practice practice. Oh, by the way, I got some good kicks on my left thigh and right knee today. Strangely enough I start to watch boxing videos tonight! Here is a good one to share with you http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/xC4WGnhWDH4/ and that was the style I was trying to do this afternoon for an hour:-) but mine is not that deadly at all. This reminds me of a conversation with my Qigong brother earlier that Martial Arts training is another doorway to the Dao because when you are fighting your mind is very present and you don’t think of any special Yinian. If you do the practice very gently, it is quite fun and doesn’t damage!
ok, it’s time to show you my new looks!!!

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