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Spreading Your Wings

1. What is Qigong?
Qi is usually translated as Energy, Intelligence; Gong is usually translated as Work, Cultivation. Qigong is a Chinese practice that has thousands of years of history and involves persistent work with mind, breath and body to gain health,longevity,intelligence, peace and spiritual liberation. There are many different Qigong categories that focus on the different goals mentioned.  To make sure you receive proper and safe instructions, we recommend you start your Qigong practice with a certified Qigong instructor instead of solely from reading a book or watching a video.

2. What is Qi Dragon® Qigong? 
Qi Dragon® Qigong is a Qigong training program created by Master Liping Zhu based on her multiple lineages and studies.   Qi Dragon® Qigong has three tracks of training: Qi Dragon® Qigong General Study Program, Qi Dragon™ Qigong Formal Study Program and Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate Program. Qi Dragon® Qigong General Study Program focuses on general study of various individual Qigong sets and some common national Qigong exercise sets that do not involve discipleship or progressive levels of study. These general Qigong exercises are usually more focused on life preservation or health maintenance and are the supplementary practices for Qi Dragon’s Qigong Formal Study Program. Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program is based on the Heavenly Essence Qigong lineage created by Grandmaster H.B. Zhang with the vision of training students to learn this Qigong system in a formal, comprehensive and progressive way. The teachings offered are divided into six progressive levels that emphasize both life preservation, Te Yi Medical Qigong®and advanced Dao cultivation. Qi Dragon® Qigong Certificate Program is built upon the Qigong Formal Study Program Level 1&2 and is a most intensive training program that Qi Dragon has created to integrate Qi Dragon’s various lineages in a comprehensive training program for a deeper learning, more intensive practice as well as buidling the foundation for the professional development as our certified Qigong instructors and Te Yi Medical Qigong®Certified Practitioners.

3. I am new to Qigong. Where should I start with Qi Dragon’s Qigong programs?
 For all Qigong beginners who want to have a formal introduction to Qigong, we recommend that you directly start with our Qigong Formal Study Program Level 1 Part I – Nine Marvelous Qigong Methods aka Life Preservation Qigong, a two day weekend workshop which requires no previous experience. If you desire to receive the progressive and systematic teachings as well as more guided intensive practice in a group setting and build a foundation for becoming a certified Qigong instructor and a certified Te Yi Medical Qigong®practitioner, you can directly start with our Qigong Certificate Program which also requires the same beginner course Level 1 Part I Qigong as a prerequisite. While you are waiting for the Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong to be offered, you can start with our Monday Night Qigong and any of our General Study Program courses.

4. Is it ok to study your Qigong if I have studied other styles of Qigong before?
Yes, it’s no probem. Heavenly Essence Qigong arises from the synthesis of many traditional Qigong practices and doesn’t conflict with any other styles. This study will only broden your knowledge of Qigong and deepen your existing practice. In the beginning stage of studying Qigong, it is helpful to explore a little bit what styles and what teachings speak to you and fit your needs. With further understanding of Qigong, you will naturally arrive at a place where you have a more focused practice of a style that you are gravitated towards and commited to.

5. Is this a Medical Qigong school?
Yes but not limited to. We start our Te Yi Medical Qigong®practices in Level 1.  This system has a big portion on Medical Qigong called Special Medicine or Te Yi and also offers other essential Daoist, Buddhist school advanced cultivation practices such as Microcosmic Orbit, Macrocosmic Orbit, Nei Dan (internal Elixir) and etc. The whole system is based on the idea of realizing Life Self-control Project which emphasizes self cultivation and healing.  Te Yi Medical Qigong®is included in this comprehensive system to serve as a tool of self healing and helping others to heal. We offer Level 1 Part III Te Yi Medical Qigong called Kylin Displaying its Wonders Six Healing Methods which allow you to do healing on many kinds of diseases for others and for being a better receiver of Qigong healing. In Level 2-4 we progressively offer more advanced Te Yi Medical Qigong®methods that are traditionally considered Shamanic Medicine. Our whole Medical Qigong has a complete system called Te Yi (Special Medicine). Grandmaster Zhang was the founder of Te Yi Science which included not only Medical Qigong therapy, but also all the other traditional healing modalities such as music therapy, dance therapy, natural therapy, Daoist Shamanistic therapy, psycho-therapy and many more. One can either be trained as a Te Yi Medical Qigong®student or a Certified Te Yi Medical Qigong Practitioner®. Either way, one needs to start the very first formal study program weekend course Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong.

6. What do I need to know about attending Monday Night Qigong?
Here you can find out the time and location of Monday Night Qigong and please click to read about the Special Notes on Monday Night Qigong prior to attending. Also please know that our Monday Night Qigong is always on even during holidays.

7.  Is Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Taichi part of Qi Dragon® Qigong?
Yes. Swimming Dragon Taichi is part of the Qi Dragon® Genreal Qigong Study Program.  Master Liping is a disciple in both Swimming Dragon Sect and Heavenly Essence Qigong system and integrates these two unique systems into Qi Dragon® Life Preservation and Dao Cultivation Training Program.  Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Quan is a unique and graceful moving form that combines Taichi, Qigong and Yogic stretching elements into one.  It is a movement form from a family system of Grandmaster Yu Anren, a special form that embodies beauty, strength, balance and grace. Currently Qi Dragon teaches three forms of the Swimming Dragon family kungfu: Taiyi Swimming Dragon Quan (chuan), Taiyi Riding the Wind Sword and Taiyi Walking Gong (Xing Bu Gong).  In Qi Dragon® Life Preservation and Dao Cultivation Training Program, Swimming Dragon Sect is one of the main supplementary practices.

8. What is Kylin? Why do you use Kylin image?
Kylin 麒麟, an ancient Chinese mythylogical animal that combines in a single body the essence of different species of living beings: the dragon’s head, the pig’s nose, the snake’s scales, the deer’s body, the tiger’s back, the bear’s waists, the ox’s hooves and the lion’s tail. It belongs to none of these species, but combines the powers of each. It is used as a symbolic animal for the Heavenly Essence Culture or Kylin Culture which combines the essence of different aspects of traditional Chinese cultures and modern cultures and integrates Western and Eastern philosophies. Heavenly Essence Qigong is one of the eight systems of this culture and is one of the most elaborate syntheses of Qigong as a totalising knowledge system that includes the elements of the five major Qigong Categories – Confucius Qigong, Daoist Qigong, Buddhist Qigong, Medical Qigong and Martial Qigong.


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