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Congratulations to Qi Dragon students Valerie B. and Sarasa W. for winning multiple gold, silver medals in Martial Arts Tournaments!!

On June 14th, Sarasa attended  2014 USAWKF Nationals & Golden State International Wushu Championship,
 and performed Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Quan and Tai Yi Riding the Wind Sword. She won Gold and Silver medals.

In 2010, Valerie qualified for and won the National Championship in the ICMAC – International Chinese Martial Arts Championship- circuit in Washington DC on October 3. She then won the World Championship tournament on December 12, 2010 in Nassau. Both titles were won in the Taiji, hand form beginner adults category.

Gold Medalist in 1996

Master Liping, a Gold Medalist in 96

Liping and Grandmaster Yu Anren

Liping with Grandmaster Yu in Changsha, China

Liping Teaching in UK

Liping Teaching Swimming Dragon Taichi in UK in 2010

medium gold medal pic

Master Liping won Gold Medals in 1997

Qi Dragon student Valerie B. won gold medals in Taichi tournament

Qi Dragon student Valerie B. won gold medals in 2010 Taichi tournaments

Liping Baishi with Grandmaster Yu

Liping Baishi with Grandmaster Yu


Sarasa with her gold and silver medals in 2014


Sarasa Award Certificate


Sarasa Award Certificate


Valerie National Award


Valerie World Award

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