Taichi Videos


   Videos by Liping and Students

1. Liping Demonstrating Taiyi Swimming Dragon Form I in 1997: (Old Version Swimming Dragon DVD Item# 001, available for purchase at Qi Dragon Online Store)

2.Liping Demo of Tai Yi Xing Bu Gong (Walking Qigong) Section I & II in 2015

3. Liping Demo of Tai Yi Xing Bu Gong (Walking Qigong) Section III & IV in 2016

4. Liping Performing Mulan Double Fan in 1999

5. Liping Leading Taiyi Riding the Wind Sword Form in Golden Gate Park

6. Liping and Students Performing Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Quan Form 3 at Chinese Music Show in 2009

  Videos by Liping’s Masters

1. Grandmaster Yu Anren Performing Taiyi 72 Closed Hand in 2009

2.Grandmaster Yu’s Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Sword

2. Liu He Ba Fa Part I by Grandmaster Yun Yinsen

3. Yang Taichi by Grandmaster Yu Xiaolin

4. Qin Quan Grandmaster Qin Wenqing


  Qin Quan Videos

Note:  The Qin Quan videos of some moves are some students’ postings from 3 years agao and are not Master Qin’s official videos. Some of the moves were changed over the years by Master Qin as well. These are listed for your reference only, not as a standard.  Please follow your instructor’s specifics when you learn and practice these moves. We don’t recommend that you learn these moves by watching these videoes.

1. Staying Within Your Bounds (各守本分)
     Staying Within Your Bounds
2. One Flower Six Petals(一花六叶1) 一花六叶2  一花六叶3 一花六叶4 一花六叶5 一花六叶6
3. Green Dragon Emerging from the Water (青龙出水)
4. Master Qin’s Demo of Penetrating Force
5. Master Qin’s Head Force Demo
6. Dragon Tiger Walking (Forward), Backward
 7. Qin Quan Contact Training
8. Two Dragons Circling and Touching
     Two Dragons Circling and Touching
9. Shaking off Restraints
10. Qin Quan Contatct Training 2
11. Miraculous Dragon Fully Revealing
 Another version: Miraculous Dragon Fully Revealing
12. Qin Quan Contact Training 3
13. Poetry in Motion – Qi Dragon Qin Quan students’ Doing Two Dragons Revolving (taken by John Gruenwald)
14. Pointing to the Sky and Touching the Earth
Pointing to the Sky and Touching the Earth
15. Stable and Steady in All Directions
16. Looking for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea
Looking for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea

  Other Demo of Internal Martial Arts 

1. Ba Gua Zhang by Chen Jisheng 

2. Xing Yi Quan by 82 year old Shang Zhirong

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