Qin Quan 秦拳


What is Qin Quan?

– a special Internal Martial Art system or Martial Qigong

“Martial Genius” 武术奇才 Grandmaster Qin

Qin Quan is a fairly new and rarely known internal Martial Art system from China and is developed by Grandmaster Qin Wenqing, who is considered a “Martial Genius” by his many students. It is an advanced internal martial art system that reveals the essence of the mainstream internal martial art styles such as Taichi, Bagua and Xingyi. There are only single movements instead of a form. The movements are gentle and simple, but required repetition with an extreme precision which can only be obtained by receiving strict instructions, repeated correction and practice. This system is not only good for correcting body structure, improving energy circulation, maintaining general health but also good for developing the innate natural power that many internal martial artists are striving to achieve. Qi Dragon is honored to be able to offer Qin Quan for Health or Qigong for Strength and Healing workshop that teaches some main Qin Quan moves suitable for people who want to benefit from it for health purposes and/or to develop the true internal Martial Arts skills.

What Is Qin Quan in Grandmaster Qin’s words? 秦拳是什么?

Qin Quan definition calligraphy

Qin Quan, created by Qin Wenqing from Rushan, in the Shandong Province of China, is an advanced expression of Qin’s in-depth study and clear understanding of the essence of orthodox Chinese Martial Arts and ancient Chinese culture. It reveals the essence of martial arts and human life preservation. Through its scientific training that follows the correct alignment of human force and the pathways of the Qi and blood, Qin Quan allows you to develop the optimal inner balance as well as the natural and innate fighting abilities. It also guides you to fully recognize the unique structures of the human body; to correctly apply the human body functions; and to greatly develop the potential great power hidden in the ligaments and bones, blood and Qi, and Shen (spirit) and Yi (mind). When you can thoroughly understand and fully master this art, you will be able to realize the true essence of the Dao of Martial Arts. You will naturally develop a unique Quan of your own that matches your nature and temperament, that is completely free, self controlled, individualized and, that has infinite depth and changes.“
—-The original definition by Grandmaster Qin


Qin Quan is practiced and actualized in progression through two steps: Leng Yan and Hua Yan.** (**Master Qin used the titles of these two classic Buddhist sutras to name the two Qin Quan steps.) Leng Yan is also called Qin Quan Yi Lu (Step One) and Hua Yan is called Qin Quan Er Lu (Step Two).

All the Qin Quan moves are single exercises instead of a set of moves as in a Taichi form. Some of its moves are for paired sparring/boxing practice but the majority of the moves are for solo practice.

Qin Quan Step One (Qin Quan Yi Lu or Leng Yan) 秦拳一路 has a total of 48 individual moves and is divided into Class A, B, C, D, E, F, G for progressive training. Each class content is supposed to be well mastered before proceeding to the next class. It is suggested that you repeat some of the single moves at least 20,000 times in order to master them. Some of the moves may be of a lifetime cultivation. Qin Quan Yi Lu is good for nurturing Qi and Blood or life preservation and for developing one’s natural power. You may choose to study Qin Quan solely for health reasons, without practicing the sparring and fighting exercises. This study is called Qin Quan for Health by Qi Dragon.
The suggested length of training time is ideal for better training effects but may be varied according to each student’s abilities and conditions. The names in italics are paired practice. Names with ** are done with boxing gloves.

In recent years, Grandmaster Qin has shifted his martial training focus more towards life preservation and self defense.

Qin Quan Dragon Tiger Walking

Qin Quan Training Events

A. One-day Qin Quan Workshop

B. Qin Quan Camp

This is a great opportunity to learn and have an intensive practice of Qin Quan in a retreat setting. This retreat is a great integration of Qi Dragon’s three main trainings of Heavenly Essence Qigong and Qin Quan. Please read the Qin Quan Camp Qin Quan Camp Page for registration and details. Limited space!

C. Qin Quan Weekly Training

Qin Quan Names of A&B

Qin Quan A: (秦拳A班)(In China, it is generally done for 30 day full time training for better effect)

青龙出水 (Qing Long Chu Shui)
Green Dragon Emerging from the Water
倒卷珠帘 (Dao Zhuan Zhu Lian)
Rolling the Pearl Curtain Upside Down
一花六叶 (Yi Hua Liu Ye)
One Flower With Six Petals
四平八稳 (Si Ping Ba Wen)
Stable and Steady In All Directions
海底探珠 (Hai Di Tan Zhu)
Looking for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea
如影随形 (Ru Ying Sui Xing)
Following Like a Shadow
双龙旋盘 (Shuang Long Xuan Pan)
Two Dragons Revolving
神龙全显 (Shen Long Quan Xian)
Miraculous Dragon Fully Revealing
双龙圈点 (Shuang Long Quan Dian)
Two Dragons Circling and Touching
以逸待劳 (Yi Yi Dai Lao)
Waiting at Ease for the Opponent’s Exhaustion
手不空回 (Shou Bu Kong Hui)
Returning With No Empty Hands
各守本分 (Ge Shuo Ben Fen)
Staying Within Your Bounds

Qin Quan B: (秦拳B班)(In China, it is generally done for 30 day full time training for better effect)

指天划地 (Zhi Tian Hua Di)
Pointing to the Sky and Touching the Earth
踏径寻梅 (Ta Jing Xun Mei)
Treading the Path to Look for Plum Blossoms
虎坐鹰翻 (Hu Zuo Ying Fan)
Tiger Sitting and Eagle Turning
中流砥柱 (Zhong Liu Di Zhu)
Eight Elbows
蜻蜓点水 (Qing Ting Dian Shui)
Dragonfly Touching the Water
左右逢源 (Zuo You Feng Yuan)
Meeting the Source to the Left and Right
虎距豹展 (Hu Ju Bao Zhan)
Tiger Crouching Leopard Unfolding
旁敲侧击 (Pang Qiao Ce Ji)
Striking Sideways
互通款曲** (Hu Tong Kuan Qu)
Kind Exchanges**
各自为政 (Ge Zi Wei Zheng)
Working in Your Own Way

Qin Quan C, D, E, F, G names are omitted from this listing. Currently Qi Dragon offers Qin Quan A and partial B training.
Names were translated by Liping Zhu in Nov 2010, while in training in Rushan, China.

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