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Advanced Qigong Study Program – Zong Fu Dao


Zong Fu Dao book cover

Zong Fu Dao book cover

One of the Qi Dragon® Qigong Advanced Study beyond levels is based on the teachings called Comprehensive Guide for Level 1-4 . This book includes teachings as an enhancement for Level 1-4 contents as well as some new teachings beyond Level 1-4. Thus we are teaching it as a level of its own. The following teachings included in this level are the original book Zong Fu Dao in completion:

Qi Dragon Qigong Advanced Study: Zong Fu Dao or Comprehensive Guide for Level 1-4


Chapter 1 Introduction to Level 1-4 Comprehensive Guide (Zong Fu Dao) 一至四部功总辅导概述

Part 1: Esoteric Teachings 传秘

Part 2: Inspection of Gong 查功

Part 3: Supplementary Information 解惑

Part 4: New Teachings 授业

Part 5: Intensive trainings 强化训练

Part 6: Preview of Level 5 五部功预告

Chapter 2 Esoteric Teachings 传秘

A: Posture for receiving the super energy of the universe 接收宇宙超能的形态

B: Secret pathways to supernatural powers 通往神通的秘密通道

Chapter 3 Inspection of Gong 查功

A: Common Deviations in Meditation 打坐时容易出现的偏差

B: Preparations for Meditation 打坐练功前的准备工作

C: Three Basic Gongfu in Qigong Cultivation (Regulations of Body, Breath and Mind) 气功修炼的三大基本功

Chapter 4 Supplementary Information 解惑

A: Accelerated Microcosmic Orbit Method 小周天速成法

B: Gathering Qi Method 聚气法

C: Moving Like a Pupa and Filling Qi into Body 蛹动贯气法

D: Shaking Qigong 颤抖功

E: Immortals’ One Grab 神仙一把抓

F: Eight Unique Yinian Methods 念力八绝

G: Relationship between Healing and Growing Gong 治病和长功的关系

H: Visualization Method 观想法

I: Bi Gu (Qigong Fasting) 辟谷

J: Opening the Heavenly Eye 开天目

K: Mind Transmission and Mind Reading Function 思维传感和他心通

Chapter 5 New Teachings 授业

A: Methods for Regulating Breath 调息法

B: Gathering Super Energy Methods 超能聚练法

1.) Golden Pyramid Stance 金塔桩

2.) Collecting Sun and Moon Essence Methods 采日精月华法

3.) Huanyang Sleeping Method 环阳睡

4.) Shaking and Unblocking Gong 震通功

C: Wu Huo Opening the Orbit Methods 武火通周法

1.) Breaking the Wall and Opening the Orbit Method 破壁通周法

2.) Step by step Opening the Orbit Method 步步通周法

D: Te Yi (Special Medicine) Healing Methods 特医治病法

1.) Holding Breath Healing Method 闭气攻病法

2.) Massaging and Holding Breath Healing Method 按揉闭气攻病法

3.) Three Special Healing Methods 三个治病法门

Chapter 6 Intensive Trainings 强化训练

Chapter 7 Appendix 附录

Prerequisite: Level 4 Qigong Formal Study or Level 4 Certificate Study

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