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Qi Dragon Healing Center was founded by Dr. Liping Zhu with the vision of providing traditional Chinese healing arts of Acupuncture, Herbs,  Te Yi Medical Qigong® Special Medicine Qi healing as well as promoting the profound self-healing and spiritual cultivation techniques of Qigong and Taichi to the community.  After providing her services for over 20 years, Dr. Zhu, a well regarded practitioner in San Francisco, recently relocated to Humboldt, CA.  Dr.Zhu is looking forward to serving the Humboldt community in 2019. Email to get on our client list now and we will notify you once we have our grand opening date (Our opening is delayed due to the roof work needed for the clinic. If the weather permits, it is estimated to be open around Mid March or early April as soon as our new clinic roof is up). Dr. Zhu is now offering online consultation service on Qigong, TCM diet and health. Please email to schedule an online session.

Qi Dragon’s San Francisco clinic is now under the care of Charity Burgess, the Silk Tree Healing Center. Please contact Charity Burgess in SF at 415-828-2699 or email to for your continuous or new care at the SF clinic.

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Watch Dr. Liping Zhu demonstrating Swimming Dragon Quan Form I in 1997 in San Francisco.

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