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Ordering your herbs, nutritional supplements, cell repair Redox supplements, Renu 28 Skin Care and CBD products directly online becomes easy for our patients. Most of the supplements don’t require a prescription except the Chinese herbal products.

All products we are recommending are professional grade and have high quality.

Our Eureka clinic carries most Evergreen brand Collection Formulas, partial classical formulas and partial Health Concern brand formulas and some miscellaneous herbal products that we like. Your herbal prescription service is included in your acupuncture office visit (Herbs are not included). If you are not an acupuncture client, you may come in for a herbal consultation service alone without acupuncture ($80 per consultation, herbs not included).

All other products below that are not carried physically in our clinic and some require our prescription and some only requires our phone number for you to purchase directly through these company websites.

2) Patient One MediNutritionals – for nutritional supplements

Create an online account to order yourself. Give our Qi Dragon office number 707-599-4140 as your physician reference.

Here are the nutritional supplement categories you can look for your supplements for specific needs:

(Prescription from Dr. Zhu is required.)

Crane Herb is one of the largest herb pharmacy that carries herbs in formula, single herb granule, tincture, customized formula etc.
Since Qi Dragon only carries capsules in clinic, you may want to use Crane Herb service if you prefer tincture.

Sign up for a Crane Herb Account. When you have your clinic visit or have an online Telehealth herbal consultation with Dr. Zhu, she will give Crane Herb Company your prescription based on your request and health conditions. You will receive an email from Crane Herb with instructions of how to pick up that prescription by paying online. You will be able to have the herbs sent to your home directly.
Please contact our office to issue a refill prescription when your supply is low.
There will be shipping and handling fee from Crane Herb. You may want to order multiple items or quantities if you are taking something for an extended period of time.

Crane Herb Patient online account set-up

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