Qi Dragon Herb/Supplement Online Pharmacy

All products we recommend are professional grade and have high quality. Ordering your herbs, nutritional supplements. Most of the supplements don’t require a prescription except the Chinese herbal products.

Our Eureka clinic carries most Evergreen brand Collection Formulas, partial classical formulas and partial Health Concern brand formulas and some miscellaneous herbal products that we like. Your herbal prescription service is included in your acupuncture office visit (Herbs are not included). If you are not an acupuncture client, you may come in for a herbal consultation service alone without acupuncture ($80 per consultation, herbs not included).

The products listed below may not be stocked in our clinic and you may purchase directly through each company’s websites.  Please note that some products may require our prescription or may only require our phone number for you to purchase directly.

2) Patient One MediNutritionals – for nutritional supplements

Create an online account to order yourself. Give our Qi Dragon office number 707-599-4140 as your physician reference.

Here are the nutritional supplement categories you can look for your supplements for specific needs: