Qigong Music/Video

Our library is offering free resources for supporting students’ home study of Qigong. We appreciate your practice and any support you want give us for making this possible.

 Qigong Music (Original Chinese Music by Heavenly Essence Qigong) 

1.Chanting Eight Virtues Eight Principals in Chinese 八德八念

2.Chanting Eight Virtues Eight Principals in both English and Chinese

3.Chinese song: Red Maple Leaves 红枫叶(by Liping Zhu)

4.Te Yi Medical Qigong Founder Chant 特医师祖圣号

5. Buddha Joy 佛乐篇

6. Zhong Gong Gong Yue.mp3 功乐

7.Te Yi Group Healing Music.mp3 特医组场治病

8. Golden Kylin Song Lyric 横空出世金麒麟歌词

9. Golden Kylin Song ( by Liping Zhu) 横空出世金麒麟曲

10. Golden Kylin Song original 横空出世金麒麟(原唱)

11. Six True Sounds by Grandmaster 六字真音

12. Collecting Light 采光曲

13. Gong Dance A 功舞A

14. Gong Dance B 功舞B

15. Ba De Ba Nian Eight Virtues Eight Principals song 八德八念歌

16. Five Elements Music by Heavenly Essence Qigong
We currently have two Qigong CDs as well as MP3 files in English for purchase – Dynamic Qigong CD and Static Qigong CD. Please visit our Online Qigong CD Store for description and purchase.

 Qigong Talks

1. Practicing with Intention   (This talk was given by Liping on 7/31/2010 at the Buddha Hall of SF Zen Center)

2.  Cultivating Virtue  (This talk was given by Dr. Liping Zhu on 2/24/2010 at the Buddha Hall of SF Zen Center during her Shuso training)

3.  Zen and Qigong Breathing (This talk was given by Abbot Paul Haller and Dr. Liping Zhu on 2/17/2010 at SF Zen Center during Liping’s Shuso training)

4. Being Present (by Dr. Liping Zhu at SF Zen Center duing her Shuso training)


 Qigong Videos

1. Qigong Grandmaster Zhang Demo of Electrical Qigong at a National TV show in 1980s

2. Thousands of people practicing in 80s

3. The Mystery of Chi

4. External Qi Emission and Zi Fa Dong

5. Group Qi Field Healing by senior practitioner Wang Gui-ai

6. Curing all illnesses using the power of your mind!

7. Opening the 8 Extraodinary Meridian Meditation Method 3-D Illustraion Video