Patient Education


1. Dietary Therapy for Home Care:
a. Yin Deficiency
 b. Blood Deficiency
c. Nausea during Pregnancy
d. Yang Deficiency
e. Dampness
f. Postnatal Recovery
g. Eat Your Way to Brain Health

2. Moxa Therapy for Self Care

3. Making Bone Broth

4. Lemon Vinegar Decoction for Cleansing

5. Simple Qigong Taichi Warm-up Routine for Your Health
Our DVD item# 004 has this routine. Please visit our Online Store.

6. Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong practice for your flexbility and balance
Youtube video of Swimming Dragon Walking Qigong



1. Toxins in Teabags by Dr Mercola


1. Sleeping Pills and Hay Fever Pills
2. Alcohol’s Effects on Mind and Body
3. Male Factor Infertility
4. Daily Aspirin Therapy: Understanding the benefits and risks
5. Art of Cupping

1. Acupuncture Works – a scientific breakthrough

2. Acupuncture Reduces Stress Marker

3. Acupuncture for Fertility
Traditional Chinese Medicine Makes Fertility Treatments More Effective

4. Treating Reflux and Colic in babies

5. Treating Arthritis with Chinese Medicine

6. What Acupuncture can do for pregnancy?

7. Acupuncture for pre-birth

8. Test Reveals Acupuncture Controls Hormones to Reduce Stress

9. Acupuncture for Pain:
Acupuncture Provides True Pain Relief In Study (from NY Times)
Acupuncture & Pain Relief

10. Acupuncture for Kids:
Acupuncture Eases Kids’ Pain, Anxiety

11. Acupuncture for Stroke:
  Acupuncture Can Be Very Effective for Stroke Rehab
         New Study Suggests Acupuncture Can Improve Functions in Stroke Patients
         Acupuncture for Stroke – Treatment Protocols
        Stroke and Acupuncture – The Evidence of Effectiveness

12. Acupuncture for depression
Can Acupuncture treat depression?

13. Acupuncture, why it works?

14. Acupuncture for patients in palliative care
15. Acupuncture for Cancer
The Value of Acupuncture in Cancer Care
16. Chinese Herbal Medicine for Chronic Heart Failure
17. Why Acupuncture? 

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