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Dear Clients:

Hope you all are doing well in the midst of the Shelter in Place!

Despite the Humboldt County SIP order section 9c saying that healthcare operation clinics are allowed to stay open, we decide to temporarily close our clinic to breathe deeply with everyone in SIP as a collective effort.

If you have an appointment during the weeks March 23-April 9, your appointments are postponed for now and we will follow up with you for rescheduling if you don’t have any other followup appointment scheduled beyond the closed period. Any appointments beyond April 9 will stay in place for now.  We will let you know if further changes need to be made depending on our officials’ recommendation. All our Veterans’ appointment valid dates are now in the process of getting extended by Triwest. So no worries about losing your approved appointments!

Please stay home and isolate yourself.  We are encouraging everyone to wear mask when you are out and about during SIP.  If you feel you are ill and have any above symptoms, you should call 911 and get tested for coronavirus, get medical assistance and isolate yourself immediately.

Please feel free to eamil us or text us at 707-599-4140 if you need to pick up herbs. We have stocked up some supply of immune boosting herbs called Immune+  (We have been recommending this formula to everyone for preventative care. Similar formula was used in China for hospital workers and general public for preventative care.) and we also have a few bottles of cold/cough/stress/sleeping aid herbs at hand. You can arrange a curbside pick up in Fortuna. Text us what you need and we will see if we have them at hand or not. If we don’t have what you need at hand, we can prescribe you herbs through our online pharmacy Crane Herb Company and they can ship to your residence with a shipping and handling fee.

While we understand the significance of this virus and the impact of social distancing, we also appreciate how many of our patients rely on our care as essential. Therefore, we are taking every precaution to ensure your well-being during your visit once we reopen and will continue to update our safety protocols based on any new information. We have rigorous CDC informed sanitary protocols in place and are taking all counter measures to reduce the spread of any infections including social distancing in the clinic. Please know as a continuous precaution until the situation is completely clear, we will be diligently washing our hands, energy cleansing our healing space, sanitizing all surfaces and door knobs and also using soft table paper on treatment tables for your safety.  Most of the time you will be directly led to your treatment room without any physical contact with other clients and we try to open and close the treatment room doors for you so you don’t need to touch those door knobs. We ask that patients limit the number of people they bring in with them to their appointments and also keep distance from each other while waiting for your appointment. If you are able to come to your appointment by yourself, please do so, otherwise please limit additional guests to only necessary caregivers. We are also asking that all patients take their temperature at home prior to coming to their appointment. If you have a fever and/or are feeling unwell with a cough, or difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, please reschedule your appointment and call your primary care physician to determine the next steps that are right for you. When visiting any of our locations, it is required to wash your hands and/or use our hand sanitizers once entering the clinic. Please feel free to ask for assistance when you arrive.

During this immune vulnerable time, we will prioritize in scheduling acupuncture treatments for those with need for strengthening immune system and respiratory and heart function and those who have debilitating pain, stress or anxiety. If you have a cold and cough, we still want to take care of you as soon as possible but we ask that you don’t come in for acupuncture treatments but have a phone herbal consultation and pick up herbs at curbside for receiving your care instead.

FYI Jane App: We have disabled the patient online self booking function temporarily for all acupuncture appointments in April until we are settled back to clinic for better coordination and management of our postponed schedules at the moment. You can still cancel your appointments online yourself but you will need to text us or call us at 707-599-4140 or email us at to reschedule to a new slot or book a new appointment for April. You can check the availability online and let us know what day and time appointment you want to book. You will be able to book any appointments beyond the month of May. This might change if we see it fit.

FYI Evergreen Herb Price Adjustment starting April 1: Please read the letter from Evergreen Herb Company on herb price adjustment.

Thank you for your understanding for all the changes!

GOOD NEWS: We are offering a free event of One Week Online Healing Room to our clients as a service to our community. Please join us March 23-29 from 7am-8am for 30min gentle and simple Qigong/Taichi Warmup Routine and 30min Guided Healing Meditation. Here is the free registration link to obtain the Meeting Room ID and website link to acess the Zoom Healing Room.

by Dr. Liping Zhu, DAOM, L.Ac.
by Philip Brown

Fortuna Clinic: Mondays 
1730 Main St, Fortuna, CA95540 (inside Family Foot Care building)

Eureka Clinic : Tuesdays and Thursdays
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If you encounter difficulty using the online booking site and need help with booking an available time slot, please feel free to contact us. Our Jane booking system will notify you if your appointment is booked sucessfully.

Text or Call: 707-599-4140 
(Please provide your full name, email address, cell phone number and indicate which clinic location you prefer and give 2 or 3 preferred dates and time range.)

When you book an appointment online, an email with the intake form will be sent to you automatically. Please make sure you complete that online intake form before your initial appointment. 

Payment/Insurance Billing: Cash, check and credit cards are accepted. Payment is due in full at time of service.
HSA/FSA cards: We are able to process your HSA and FSA cards and provide you a receipt upon your request.
VA Triwest: We are an approved Triwest provider for Veterans. If you are a veteran, please request VA authorization from your primary doctor and appoint us to be your preferred provider for your approved care;
Blueshield Insurance: We are in network with Blueshield except ASH accounts of Blueshield. If your Blueshield accounts are under ASH (American Specialty Health), we are not in network with ASH and we can only provide you cash service and no superbill or insurance billing for all Blueshield accounts handled by ASH .
Other Insurances: If your insurance covers out of network acupuncture, we may either bill for you or provide you a superbill for you to submit.
For those insurance companies that we are not able to bill, we will provide you a superbill upon request for you to submit to your insurance and we will charge you our cash rate at time of service. We don’t bill for Medi-cal or Medicare. Please call your insurance company to find out what is your deductible, copay/coinsurance and coverage etc.

Please provide your insurance information that is listed in our online intake form if you are using your insurance.

The booking page listed price is our day of service discounted cash rate. Insurance price varies according to the services you receive, your deductibles and coverage.

Proudly Caring for Veterans

Cancellation/No Show Policy: A $60 fee applies for reservations cancelled with less than 24-hour notice or for no show. There is no fee for changing an appointment to a different time of the same day if appointment is available.

Disclaimer: Fees and availability are subject to change without notice.

 Clinic Services provided by Qi Dragon in 2020

SERVICES: (listed fees are our discounted rate for out of pocket payment; All price is subject to change without notice.) 

New Patient Initial Consultation with Acupuncture
$175 This visit includes an initial health review/consultation plus acupuncture treatment). 75-90 minutes

Follow Up Acupuncture *
$105   This follow up visit includes acupuncture treatment for treating specific illnesses or for general health maintenance. 55 minutes
*If this is your first visit, please book the Initial Consultation with treatment.
additional $25 for Cupping or Gua Sha treatment.

Rolfing with Philip Brown
$125 per 60-min session, by appointment only
Receive an amazing session from a very seasoned practitioner! Very limited sessions are available. Please text or call Philip Brown at 415-750-1885 to make an appointment.

Private Taichi/Qigong Exercise Therapy
 $125 per hour   Our private class by Dr. Zhu is on Swimming Dragon Taichi, Qin Quan and basic Qigong exercise for healing, fitness or health maintenance. We can tailor some exercises for your physical conditions. For formal and systematic study of Heavenly Essence Qigong, please join our Qigong Formal Study Program  in a group setting.

 Qi Dragon Herb/Supplement Product Portals

Ordering your herbs, nutritional supplements and CBD directly online as a client of Qi Dragon is made easy and convenient:

Check out our Herbs /Nutrional Supplements/ASEA REDOX detailed page.

At our Eureka clinic, we are now carrying a herbal pharmacy that mostly are capsules and pills.

Qi Dragon Practitioners

liping profile1Dr. Liping Zhu, founder of Qi Dragon Healing Center and Heavenly Essence Qigong Institute, is a Nationally and California licensed acupuncturist and holds a doctorate degree in Oriental Medicine (DAOM, LAc.). Dr. Zhu was certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) as Diplomate of Oriental Medicine in both Herbology and Acupuncture. Dr. Zhu is a general Chinese Medicine practitioner and specialized in Woman’s Health and Pain Management with her doctoral training.
Dr. Zhu is a disciple and authorized instructor in both the Heavenly Essence Qigong System and the Daoist Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Gong family lineage. She was a gold medalist in the 1996 International Martial Arts Tournament.
As a native of China who is fluent in English and deeply immersed in both cultures, Dr. Zhu makes Qigong, this ancient Chinese healing art and spiritual path, very accessible to the Western world.

Rolfing – Structural Integration Bodywork with Philip Brown
Phone: 415-750-1885 Email:

Rolfing is excellent for treating pain, tightness and tension in the body and for learning how to have better body posture and structure alignment.

Philip Brown, certified roller and a long time meditator and Qigong Taichi practitioner offers you his intuitive touch and informative points on posture. Philip has great patience and compassion in dealing with people in pain and is very knowledgeable about body structure. Philip is also a Te Yi Medical Qigong certified practitioner as well as a certified Qigong instructor of Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 1 Part I. Philip is currently Qi Dragon’s office manager and offers some sessions of Rolfing.

Dr. Zhu with her husband Philip Brown recently relocated to Eureka, Humboldt County. They are excited about becoming members of the Humboldt community and looking forward to providing their services to their new home area.

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