Qi Dragon®

Qi Dragon Healing Center was founded by Dr.Liping Zhu DAOM,L.Ac. with the vision of providing the traditional Chinese healing arts of Acupuncture, Herbs and Te Yi (Special Medicine) Medical Qigong®as well as promoting the profound self-healing and spiritual cultivation techniques of Qigong and Taichi to the community.

Qi Dragon Healing Center is committed  to reviving ancient Chinese culture through Qigong, Taichi and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as promoting a healthy and spiritual lifestyle.  One of its missions is to bring to the West the original teachings of Grandmaster H.B.Zhang’s advanced cultivation system that encapsulates the essence of  Daoist Qigong, Medical Qigong, Buddhist Qigong, Martial Qigong and Confucian Qigong. Qi Dragon was entrusted by Grandmaster Zhang with the mission of “Bringing the advanced cultivation techniques to benefit the world” and by Grandmaster Yu with the mission of bringing to the west the Taiyi Swimming Dragon Gong the Daoist family tradition.
Qi Dragon’s Mission Statement:
“Revive Ancient Chinese Culture
Benefit the World
Help All Beings in the Three Realms to the Other Side of the Shore
Emancipate Body and Mind Completely.”

Qi Dragon’s Goals of Benefiting the World:
“Bring Health to the World,
Bring Hope to the World,
Bring Joy to the World,
Bring Strength to the World.”

Qi Dragon®Life Preservation and Dao Cultivation System:

In order to share these unique ancient traditions with the Western world, Qi Dragon is proud to present the Qi Dragon Life Preservation and Dao Cultivation System as a life preservation and spiritual cultivation practice based on Liping’s two decades of intensive study and her direct lineages in multiple traditions. The Qi Dragon® Qi Cultivation System is what makes the Qi Dragon™ Qigong Certificate Program unique and comprehensive in its approach to healing, spiritual cultivation and self development. Qi Dragon® has integrated and distilled five important traditions into a comprehensive and advanced life preservation and spiritual  cultivation system which follows the main thread of Grandmaster Zhang’s Qigong system and weaves it with the Daoist Taiyi Swimming Dragon Gong, Qin Quan internal martial Qigong system, Soto Zen Buddhism as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi Dragon is committed to spreading its blessings and wisdom to benefit the world through this unique comprehensive system.

Qi Dragon Life Preservation and Dao Cultivation System is deeply rooted in its multiple traditions and incorporates Daoist Qigong, Buddhist Qigong, Medical Qigong and Martial Qigong for the ultimate goal set by Grandmaster H.B. Zhang of “complete emancipation of body and mind”.  It has the following structure and has the four aspects:

Main Practice:  Heavenly Essence Qigong
Supplementary Practices: Daoist Swimming Dragon Tradition and Qin Quan Martial Qigong

1.  Qi Dragon® Qigong:  Qi Dragon Qigong Programs are designed to bring  the full original teachings of Heavenly Essence Qigong to promote healing, longevity and spirituality.  Heavenly Essence Qigong has two main focuses: Te Yi Medical Qigong® for serving others and Qigong Formal Study/Qigong Certificate Program for self healing and spiritual cultivation. This comprehensive system itself can be studied and practiced as a sole focus or as a main practice combined with the following other Qi Dragon traditions as supplementary practices.

2. Qi Dragon® Taichi: Qi Dragon offers practices from two internal Martial Arts systems. One is the Daoist Taiyi Swimming Dragon Gong family tradition, a rare family heirloom originated from Wu Dang Mountain which includes several forms such as Taiyi Swimming Dragon Quan, Taiyi Riding the Wind Sword, Taiyi 72 Closed Hand, Taiyi Walking Qigong, Taiyi Tortoise Breathing, etc. for promoting balance, flexibility, strength, grace, healing and longevity. Another is Qin Quan, a unique internal martial arts system that reveals the essence of the traditional martial arts of Taichi, Bagua and Xingyi, for its extraordinary ability to train a student’s strength and promote physical and mental health. Qin Quan exercises are very simple and gentle and are excellent for developing correct body alignment, increasing body flexibility and achieving innate power.

3. Qi Dragon® Zen: Qi Dragon honors its direct lineage in the Soto Zen Buddhism tradition and incorporates some Zen teachings in its Qigong Taichi training. While Qi Dragon integrates the Zen wisdom teachings in its training system, it doesn’t include the complete Zen rituals and teachings. If you desire to know more about Zen, we recommend that you study with Liping’s Zen masters, Teah Strozer and Paul Haller, through the Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) and San Francisco Zen Center (SFZC.org).

4. Qi Dragon® Chinese Medicine: Qi Dragon offers general eduation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to our students and patients and integrates this profound ancient Chinese medical science for healing with the self healing practices of Qigong and Taichi. It explores the knowledge of TCM as an important part of life science study. To receive our acupuncture and herbal medicine healing, please visit our Clinic Services page. To get a complete training in TCM, we recommend that you check out the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM).

To learn more about Liping‘s work, please visit the detailed pages on this site.