I want to thank you again for the Qigong workshop instruction that I was recently a part of. The weekend after the workshop I had a client that came in who recently had back surgery and was feeling numbness in his legs. I prepped myself prior to his visit with the Nourishing Qi Method for 30 minutes. As I employed the tuina techniques on him I kept repeating the mantra of “Clear the inflammation, Stop the pain, Return to normal.” After an hour he got off my table and said his sciatica pain had completely disappeared. I always have good intentions (yinian) when I work on a client but I found myself even more focused after feeling, receiving and giving the beautiful energy that was shared during our workshop..
—Gaidi Nkruma, CMT

When Liping inserted her first needle at one of my feet, I literally felt my body opening like a flower and the session released something very deep and left me profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated.
—Linda H

Liping’s life embodies her teachings: rooted in Taoism and Buddhism and built on study and practice, she is one of those rare people whose very presence reminds you that there is another reality – a spiritual reality – behind the everyday world and her teachings give you access to it. Liping is a healer: in her teaching of qigong and Swimming Dragon Taiyi; in her accupuncture and herb practice; in the example of her way of being present in her life and her generosity. She’s the real thing.
—John Gruenwald, San Francisco

I have been practicing chen and yang style tai chi for over 30 years. After recently meeting Liping Zhu and watching her do swimming dragon tai chi, I was so moved and impressed that I decided to learn this form as well. Her grace, fluidity, precision, balance, and strength are remarkable. This combined with her intelligence, warmth, charisma, and great sense of humor makes my next journey into the wonderful world of tai chi very exciting indeed.
—Dennis K. Chernin, MD, MPH www.dennischernin.com

Simply put, Liping is Qi inspiring!
—Susan P

Liping is a gifted healer. Whether through acupuncture,
Qigong, Taichi, or specialized massage, she works at a
very deep and individualized level. She has been a true
blessing to me.
—Paul Chutkow, author and journalist

Swimming Dragon is meditation in motion and has strengthened my body while soothing my mind and spirit. Most of all it is a nourishing family and community that I am honored to be a part of. Liping is incredible — gentle and knowledgeable teacher.
— Pueng, writer

Liping brings skill, knowledge and compassion to her teaching and healing work. She has a wonderful spirit that permeates everything she does. Her approach to overall health is one of encouragement and optimism, which has been essential for me whenever I have faced an illness. Liping is the same in her classes, workshops or private practice, an advocate for each person she encounters. Her help has been life changing.

If you believe that the Body, Mind and Spirit are one, and that the Spirit manifests and is expressed in our movement, then I highly recommend to study with Liping Zhu. Her movement is exquisite and gives us all something very beautiful and special to strive for.
—G Hoffman Soto

TESTIMONIALS by Qigong Certificate Program Students:

“After practicing Heavenly Essence Qigong regularly over the course of my Level 1 training, I feel happier, more grounded, like I have more energy, and a deeper sense of self. I has been a fabulous experience, which I highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their health, quality of life, and , dare I say, world at large.”
—Caleb G, professional gardener

 “This program has been excellent not only just for the practice but for having 20 people with whom I can actually work with. We are all focusing as much as we can on this practice, watching each other grow, and helping each other filling in the blank spots in our understanding… just having a community.”
—Darren H, computer programmer

It is such a rare opportunity in life to come across a teacher like Liping. She is so inspiring and amazing in so many ways and really loves this practice. Liping keeps us all motivated. It is such a special opportunity to be able to study under someone like her. Heavenly Essence Qi Gong is a really amazing practice and I am so thankful that she has created the certificate program to allow all of us to deepen our study and heal friends, our family and ourselves. I am very grateful for this.”                               —Maya M, 2nd year acupuncture student 

 “It has been a wonderful program for me and if you have a Qi Gong practice already and are interested to deepen it more, I would strongly encourage you to join this program. If you are novice to Qi Gong and are interested in it and are willing to make the kind commitment it requires, I think it is a great program. We have a wonderful wonderful teacher. I am extremely thankful and have a lot of gratitude for Liping for bringing this style here, for translating all the work that she has done with the students, and with all the materials she provides. It is a fantastic program. I can’t speak highly enough about it. I would strongly encourage to do it if it is something you are interested in.”
—Andy L, licensed acupuncturist

“… as a cancer survivor in my late teens, followed by clinical depression in my 20s and 30s, I have always searched for some kind of practice that would make my life a little better. After I moved to the US and met Liping, I learned a great deal about myself and how I could grow spiritually. Thanks to the certificate program now I have tools that I can use to help others the same way they help me to recover. For that I am very grateful. Thank you Liping.”     
—Valerie B, accounting professional

“Being in this program for me was like opening a different and exciting world and, so far, I can say that it brought me more discipline in my life and I was able to create an almost regular practice. It made me appreciate what a good teacher Liping is. So it is really great and I am thankful.”
—Marie H, Yoga teacher

“I really enjoy the continuity of having these workshops monthly and the way they are deepening the teachings, getting more a regular practice as well as going really more in depth. I appreciate the program and I think it is really really a valuable experience. I recommend it.”       –Sarah H, Licensed acupuncturist                                                                     

 “It has been very very helpful for me to establish a regular practice and also the amount of knowledge that I have gotten through this program has been tremendous. I can’t say enough good things about it. It has been very very beneficial to me and I hope this will carry on in my life.”
—Philip B, certified rolfer

 “I am very proud to be in the first group of the certificate program in Heavenly Essence Qi Gong. I met Liping four years ago while studying at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the day that I met her, she put on a demonstration. Just watching the way she moved, I realized that this is a person I need to study with. I had a lot of martial arts experience in the past and I could just tell right away, feel right away that this person is somebody who has spent a lot of time and a lot of dedication, a lot of persistence to get where she is today. I was more than thrilled to find out about the certificate program. Healthwise, I got a lot better, but more importantly, by just being able to deepen my practice I realized that this particular method of Qi Gong is completely comprehensive and extremely deep. If you are interested at all in that, I would strongly suggest that you try it.”         
—Graham Lankford, 3rd year acupuncture student

“…I have done Liping’s workshops before but, with a group effort and commitment, I feel we have all explored content that we are familiar with in great new ways.. I think it is the most regular my practice has ever been because of the group and the support of everybody, and I really encourage people who are interested to check it out.”                 
—Doug Miller, a proud Dad and Zen practitioner

 “I started my Qigong training and acupuncture treatment with Liping Zhu four years ago. I jumped right into a twice weekly acupuncture treatment regiment with Liping and signed up for Level 1 Part 1 workshop right away. Liping pointed out that I was not breathing properly as well as pointed out the emotional connection of each organs. That was just so profound for me. Other acupuncturists had not pointed this out. After only two weeks, my chronic pain lessened greatly. I start to breathe into my abdomen. I notice and felt the Qi field around me. This is the real thing.
I continued attending Heavenly Essence Qigong workshops and repeated the workshops 3 times, 4 times. Why? I come to the workshop to recuperate from stress and to soak in the good Qi. Plus, there’s always new information to be learned. More importantly, it’s because Liping is an amazing teacher and healer. Her teaching is authentic. She is authentic. I am now enrolled in the Certificate program. Do I want to become a Qigong Instructor or a Medical Qigong Practitioner? Perhaps. But ultimately, I want to deepen my practice and improve my health.”

—Chi Nguyen, project manager

“Liping is an engaging teacher and an inspiring person. Studying with her in this first year certificate program has been a joy and a great privilege. My clients comment on the added qualities in the benefits of their treatments due to the work in Liping’s program. Personally and professional this program has far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to study with Liping; it is a transformative experience that should not be passed up.”
— Liane Y., Acupressure Practitioner, Licensed Aesthetician

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