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Te Yi or Te Yi Medical Qigong is part of Heavenly Essence Qigong (HEQ) system. Its training overlaps with our Heavenly Essence Qigong Formal Study Program and Qigong Certificate Program plus a specific Te Yi Certified Practitioner Training Course, Te Yi Advanced Practitioner Training Course and Te Yi Master Practitioner Training Course.

To learn the Qi Assessment and Qi Regulation techniques of Te Yi Medical Qigong, you can choose to be trained as either a Te Yi® Student Practitioner (TYSP) or a Te Yi® Certified Practitioner (TYCP). Please read more about what Te Yi Medical Qigong is.

Te Yi ® Student Practitioner (TYSP)

All students who take our Te Yi Medical Qigong courses either through our Formal Study Program or our Level 1&2 Certificate Program are considered Te Yi Medical Qigong Student Practitioners. A student can list oneself as a Qi Dragon Te Yi Medical Qigong Student or Student Practitioner (TYSP) of its level of study. For example, Te Yi Medical Qigong Level 1 Student Practitioner. All treatments provided by Te Yi Medical Qigong Students or Student Practitioners are for learning and practice purpose and the word “Te Yi Student” or “Te Yi Student Practitioner” is required to differentiate from the Te Yi Certified Practitioners who have met a higher standard in training. The Te Yi Medical Qigong services provided by Te Yi Student Practitioners can only be advertised for free or by donation.

To become a Te Yi Medical Qigong student practitioner you need to take minimum of Level 1 Qigong Formal Study Program or Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program.

Te Yi ® Certified Practitioner (TYCP)

Te Yi Certified Practitioner Training Course authorizes a student to use our trademark Te Yi Medical Qigong in their professional service and can offer Te Yi services either by donation or with a fee. An Certified Practitioner normally has fulfilled a minimum of 2-3 years of Qigong study in the Heavenly Essence Qigong lineage. This training is both a journey for healing yourself and for building your energy and knowledge to become a healer for others.

Course Path as a Te Yi Medical Qigong Certified Practitioner:
Step 1:  Formal Study Level 1 Part I-III – > Step 2: Level 1 Qigong Certificate Program —> Step 3: Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program —> Step 4: Te Yi Medical Qigong Certification Course*

Inspired to become a Te Yi Medical Qigong Certified Practitioner? Start now with the first course Level 1 Part I – Life Preservation Qigong.

Te Yi ® Certified Practitioner Certification Course

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 & Level 2 Qigong Certificate Program
(Bai Shi and Level 3 Retreat is no longer required before taking the Te Yi Certification Course.)

Te Yi Certified Practitioner Certification Course
3 Weekends in 2018 (non-residential training

1 Treatment Record for case study submitted at the first day of the module
Module 1 Dates: Feb , 2018

Review/practice of Level 1 Te Yi Teachings
Treatments & Case Study

2 Treatment Records for case study submitted at the second module
Module 2 Dates: March , 2018

Review/practice of Level 2 Te Yi Teachings
Treatments & Case Study

3 Treatment Records submitted at the third module
Module 3 Dates: June , 2018
Treatments & Comprehensive Test on Saturday
Case Study & Test Review
Total 6 treatments (6 unique persons) are required to be submitted before the Certificate can be issued.

Location: KIDZ Point, 60 Liberty Ship Way, Suite A4, Sausalito, CA 94965
Cost: $850 Early Bird before Jan 15, 2018; $900 after Jan 15, 2018 before Feb 5, 2018
Installment option is available in the application form.

REGISTRATION: deadline by January 15, 2018
Submit the 2018 Te Yi Certification Course Application Form

Te Yi Certified Practitioner Certification Course (Retreat Setting)
6-day Residential Retreat Training
Scheduled dates:
TBA in 2019


Completion of Qi Dragon Qigong Certificate Program Level 1 & Level 2

6-day Residential Retreat Contents:
Review and practice Te Yi Materials
Discussion, Case studies, paired treatments
Daily Qigong practice

Each student is required to submit 6 Te Yi treatment records on the first day of the retreat. Do your Te Yi treatments now and build your cases!

Cost: (Tuition + Room and Board Fee)
Tuition: $850
Room and Board: $varies according to the retreat venue

Registration: Te Yi Retreat Details with Application Form is here for all eligible students. Your application is not complete until all required courses as well as the 3 case studies are submitted.

Residential Retreat: (6:00am – 9pm)
Day 1
Day 2-4 Daily Qigong Practices; Comprehensive Te Yi Review, paired healing & Case Study
Day 5 Comprehensive Test/Test Review
Day 6 Closing/Depature

Training Contents:

Review Level 1, 2, 3 Handouts on Te Yi
A Comprehensive Study of Te Yi Theories
Paired Te Yi Treatments
Case Studies/Q&A/Discussion (Each student is required to submit 6 case reports at the retreat)
Daily Qigong Practice
Comprehensive Test on Te Yi (Te Yi related contents from the Level 1 and Level 2 Qigong handouts and Bi Gu 1& Handouts)

At the end of the Te Yi Authorized Practitioner Training Course, a test on all Te Yi related handouts will be conducted. Student with a passing score will be granted a Certificate of Te Yi Medical Qigong Authorized Practitioner. Being part of this retreat training does not guarantee a student to be authorized if a student fails to meet all training hours or fail the comprehensive test. ​You will be required to retake this course with a new registration in that case.​

Lodging Arrangement:

This retreat is limited to 20 students maximum with or without campers for the teaching space and dining room capacity. There are mixed single and shared rooms and 3-4 camping spots, all sufficiently comfortable to support your training. To make things simpler, the campers will decide their own camping spots. For the non-campers, we decide to have the rooms in order from the single to the shared and will assign students to the rooms in the order each payment with registration is received (Please know that verbal and email notifying us won’t secure your spot!).

Cancellation Policy:

Each retreat will list its particular cancellation policy. Please read it on your application package.

Te Yi ® Certified Advanced Practitioner Training Course

Our Te Yi Advanced Practitioner training is for those who have completed all Te Yi related teachings in the Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 1-4. This training will include the Te Yi Hundred Methods and Te Yi Case Studies Volume 1-6.

Te Yi Medical Qigong Authorized Practitioner Training
Level 3&4 Qigong Formal Study

Te Yi Medical Qigong Advanced Practitoner Training Course
Scheduled dates: TBA

Te Yi ® Certified Master Practitioner Training Course

Our Te Yi Master Practitioner training is for those who have completed the Advanced Practitioner training and the Advanced teachings of Jing Xiu Mi Yao of the Heavenly Essence Qigong system with an active Te Yi practice as well as strong HISFs.

Te Yi Medical Qigong Advanced Practitioner Training
Jing Xiu Mi Yao

Te Yi Medical Qigong Master Practitoner Training Course
Scheduled dates: TBA

All our programs are subject to change without notice. Please follow our website for the most updated info.

Tibetan Buddha 3

Help All Beings in the Three Realms to the Other Side of the Shore 普度三界众生

Certified Heavenly Essence Qigong (HEQ) Instructors

Heavenly Essence Qigong Certified Instructors are authorized to teach the level they are trained in and are required to follow the course syllabus, contents, fee schedule and enhancement training for recertification. S

Teaching Guidelines for instructors from Grandmaster Zhang:
“No Error; No Omission; No Distortion 不错,不漏,不走样”

Disclaimer: Only certified HEQ instructors in active status are allowed to teach our materials related to Heavenly Essence Qigong.

HEQ Certified Instructors for Level 1 Part I- Life Preservation Qigong

Heavenly Essence Qigong Certified instructors that are in active status:

California, USA :

Philip Brown, Certified Rolfer – San Francisco, CA
philip.qidragon@gmail.com / 415-750-1885

Sarah Head, L.Ac. – Mill Valley, CA
sarahhead@comcast.net / 415-309-3514

Marie Hirsch – Cazedero, CA
mariehirsch56@gmail.com / 707-322-7503

Graham Landford, L.Ac.– Sebastopol, CA
landfordlac@gmail.com / 707-634-4741

Doug Miller-fleig, CMT– San Francisco, CA
www.barefootholistichealing.com / 415-568-0027

Dianna Mays – San Francisco, CA
1dmaystro@gmail.com / 415-806-4963

Phyllis Whitney – San Francisco, CA
dovewings45@yahoo.com / 415-676-0096

Liane Lare Yukl – San Francisco, CA
liane@sonic.net / www.lianeskincare.com / 415-846-4242

Here are some words from our new instructors:

“My experience in the teacher’s program was enriching and empowering. Going through the 3 levels of the certificate program was very transformative and a deep and enriching experience.
Now learning about how these precious teachings can get passed on to others takes the practice to the next level.
I am the kind of person who never quite feels prepared for things, but I have to say here that with the 3 in depth years of study and the teacher’s training I feel both prepared and excited to bring Heavenly Essence out into the world.”
—Sarah Head, L.Ac.

” In the past, I was not certain if the teaching field was the path for me. I had no doubt that Te Yi Medical Qigong was well suited for me from the very start of my Certificate Program training. However, after the completion of the teacher training course that originally I was only intending to take as a further study, I realized that it is an honor and privilege to be given an opportunity to hand down this precious knowledge to those who are searching and open to receiving great wisdom. I am now actually very excited to have this opprotunity to pass down the treasure I have valued so much. “
—Phyllis Whitney

“Benefit others Benefit the world. The instructor training program was and is a natural and logical next step in practice. No matter whether I think I understand or truly do….inevitably, the next class/level in Heavenly Essence Qigong pulls away layers of misunderstanding and reveals more simple truths that cut to the heart and ring true in your soul. Training to become an instructor is no different. it’s one thing to take a class, it’s a whole other thing to teach a class. In Medicine and many other trades there is a saying: “See one, Do one, Teach one.” That is to say, you don’t really know/do something unless you can teach it to another. I want to teach. I am honored to be a small part of what Heavenly Essencen Qigong is and will become. Benefit others, benefit the world!”
—Graham Lankford M.S. L.Ac

“The teacher training gave me, once again, another level of appreciation for the both simple yet constantly expansive structure of HE growth. It is useful to recognize that a great way to learn something more thoroughly is to teach it. And a great way to grow in humility is to follow in the footsteps of our great realized teachers.”
Doug Miller-Fleig, CMT

” I joined the Instructor Training to be again with my Qigong family and our incredible teacher. It was an amazing learning experience and lot of fun seeing my Qigong sisters and brothers presenting different methods. After four years of studying we are looking at the teachings from a different angle. Very interesting! I am excited to teach. ”
—Marie Hirsch, Yoga Teacher

“After studying Heavenly Essence Qigong, I realize that this program offers a very powerful tool from ancient traditions that can tap into a person’s natural healing abilities and restore one’s vitality.

I have personally found this form of exercise and wisdom teaching to be both deeply meditative and health promoting while connecting me to the natural world of the universe in a single breath.

It is a great honor to be certified as a qigong teacher in the Heavenly Essence lineage. I am ever grateful to Master Liping Zhu for her instruction and her confidence in me to be one of her certified instructors.”
—Dianna Mays


Master Liping training instructors 度人开慧

first instructor group

Qi Dragon first Instructor group 自度度他

Doug Receiving Certificate

Doug Receiving Certificate 给功

Gratitude 合十手

Gratitude 合十手

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