Teaching Qigong at Tassajara

Instructor: Master Liping Zhu, DAOM,L.Ac.

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Heavenly Essence Qigong Level 4

Prerequisite: Formal Study Program Qigong Level 3. No CEU credits.

Level 4 Formal Study Training is taught either over a 10- day retreat or three weekend intructional workshops. Traditional Level 4 training includes 4 ½ day Bi Gu in a dark room. There will be an optional Enhancement Training of either 5, 7 or 10 day Bi Gu retreat. If condition allows, the Enhancement Training may also include the traditional Bi Gu in a dark room.

Level 4 – Advanced Qigong Contents: 理论和功法内容

A. Prediction Function 预测功能
B. Thousdand Miles or Distant Vision Function 千里眼功能
C. Detecting Mine ESP Method 特异功能探矿法
D. Electrical Qigong and Hard Qigong 电气功与硬气功
E. Thousand Miles or Distant Hearing Function 千里耳功能
F. Telepathy Function 思维与他心通
G. Level 4 Te Yi Medical Qigong: Six Major Points in Diagnoses and Treatment with ESP 应用特异功能在诊病治病中需注意的六大环节

1. Diffentiating and Comparing 辩心与校心
2. Testing Types and Determining Types 测型与定型
3. Diagnosing Diseases and Discovering Causes 断疾与查因
4. Measuring Self and Deciding Strategy 量己与定法
5. Projecting Gong and Treating Body and Mind 发功施术与身心并治
6. Analysing cases and Educating Patients 析例与师患

Level 4 Formal Study 6-Day Retreat Tentative Schedule (Please commit to this intensive training schedule.):

5:30am Get up

6:00-­‐7:00am Qigong Meditation

7am Breakfast

8:30-­‐12:00pm Lecture&Practice

12-1pm Lunch

1:00-­‐2:00 Sleeping Qigong

2:30-­‐5:00pm Lecture & Practice

5:00-­‐6:00pm Free Activities

6:00pm Dinner

7:30pm-­‐9:00pm Ru Ding MeditationTraining/Qigong Dancing

9:30pm Lights out

A Certificate of Completion of Level 4 Qigong Formal Study is issued at the end of the retreat and is one of the prerequisites for taking the Level 1 Part I Qigong Instructor Training Program.

Level 4 Intensive Practice Retreat

Prerequisite: Level 4 Qigong Formal Study Retreat
Level 4 Intensive Practice Retreat is an additional optional intensive practice for Level 4 study. It can be a 5-day, 7-day or 10-day Bi Gu retreat. If condition allows, it includes the traditional dark room training with Bi Gu.

The Level 4 Intensive Practice Retreat as an added intensive practice opportunity to deepen the study of Level 4 Formal Study retreat is not a prerequisite for taking the Advanced Qigong training courses.

Participate in a more intensive Bi Gu training as a Level 4 student in a dark room: Qigong Fasting (Bi Gu 辟谷)Retreat

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