Live far and can’t make it to our training in person or too busy on weekends? No worries.
Now, we bring the teachings to your living room! Join our online Qigong Community!
This practice course is here to support your ongoing practice at home.


  Monday Night Qigong Zoom Meetings (Weekly 6:30pm – 8:30pm)

Prerequisite: Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong (either Online Distant Learning or Live Seminar)

This is an online live webinar practice community led by Master Liping or Qi Dragon senior student. This is not an instructional course of the exercises. You need to have prior experience with the Heavenly Essence Qigong 3 Dynamic Qigong exercises. We appreciate your support to sustain this platform of teaching and bring the community together.
Practice Leader(s): Dr. Liping Zhu or a substitute leader
Time: Pacific Time
6:30-7:30pm 3 Main Dynamic Qigong Exercises
7:45 – 8:15pm Nourishing Qi Meditation/Te Yi Healing Session
8:15 – 8:30pm ** New: Dao De Jing starting in April 2019
You may enter or leave the meeting room anytime during the class. (There won’t be any disturbance for the class since everyone is muted upon entry automatically.)
Register: This subscription is for monthly use. Each month the subscription will be automatically renewed and you will be sent a different Meeting ID each month once your subscription is renewed. You can subscribe at anytime, and your subscription day becomes your auto renewing cycle date.

This online course is only open to students who have subscribed. Your subscription is non-refundable in any case and there is no credit for partial participation.You may subscribe anytime during the month. You can stop your subscription anytime for a future month and can resubscribe again later on.
We use Zoom for this event. After you submit your Paypal payment, we will receive a Zoom Meeting ID and a URL link for the event so that you can join the meeting through your phone, IPad or computer. Please email us if you don’t receive the Zoom Meeting ID before Monday class.
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Cost: sliding scale $30 – $50, options are in the drop-down menu. Please register for multiple people who share one computer.

Monday Night Qigong Webinar Room Registration

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By registering any online courses
, you as a registrant have read this disclaimer and fully release, acquit and discharge Qi Dragon Healing Center from any and all claims and causes of action related to your participation in class. you assume all risks of damage and injury that you may incur due to your participation. You are responsible for consulting your physician regarding your medical concerns and evaluation of your suitability for doing Qigong and taking the course. You consent to and authorize the use the reproduction of your photographs and audiovisual during this course for the purpose of promoting Taichi and Qigong art and the work of Qi Dragon Healing Center. Any practice of the materials without receiving proper instruction or following the instructions explicitly is at your own risk.

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CANCELLATION POLICY/PROCEDURE: You will receive a Zoom Meeting ID for the upcoming Monday as soon as you set up your automatic payment. There is no refund or credit for any partial participation or missed classes. Feel free to cancel your Paypal automatic payment at any time through your own Paypal subscription setup, which will discontinue you from receiving the next month’s meeting link. Please know that you need to go into your Paypal account and stop the renewal.   Qi Dragon reserves the right to cancel the course or terminate the course. In that case, we will notify the registrants of the change and you will receive full or prorated refund if appropriate. It’s a student’s responsibility to read this policy and our disclaimer online before signing up for this Distant Learning Course.

All our courses are subject to change without notice.

​Testimonials from online Qigong students:

“we just finished the class and I really felt the need to write to you and thank you for this practice that you have introduced me to. Sylvia and I have been following this faithfully for three months every single day. The build up of momentum… Of energy of positivity is amazing! I really feel stronger in energy every day, I’ve always had a lot of energy but this is a different kind of energy, it is a calm focused energy. I am honored and I really look forward to the whole program with the medical Qigong practice. You are very inspiring and again I give my heartfelt thanks to you.


“I just wanted to let you know that every day that I keep the practice going, I get so many benefits from it. I have noticed that each person gets the benefits from doing the practices that fits their specific desired results. I know for one that I have more of a calmness and I do not get as stressed or uptight about things as quickly as I used to do. I know that with the meditation, I can feel the top of my head open to receive the Qi and put my mind at ease and quiet the thoughts because I concentrate on that feeling. I am just amazed at the benefits I have gotten from this as well as the energy I have everyday.

— Sylvia”
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