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Instructor: Dr.Liping Zhu, DAOM, L.Ac. Qigong Master

Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program includes the comprehensive training of Heavenly Essence Qigong through Level 1 -4 study and some advanced teachings. Qi Dragon® Qigong Formal Study Program provides advanced level teachings for a path to health, healing, wisdom and enlightenment. These advanced teachings make available to the practitioner a clear, open and complete system to achieve the goals of a highest level of cultivation. Level 1 & 2 Qigong focus on Te Yi Medical Qigong®practices for healing, health and life preservation. Level 3 and above focus on Dao cultivation and deep physical and spiritual transformation.

All our programs are subject to change without notice. Please follow our website for updated info.

Advanced Qigong Meditation Intensive: Jing Xiu

Prerequisite: Level 3 Formal Study

One of the Qi Dragon® Qigong Advanced Study beyond levels is called Jing Xiu or Meditation Intensives. It is based on the specific teachings from Grandmaster’s Esoteric Teachings on Qigong Meditation called Jing Xiu Mi Yao 静修密要. These teachings were originally given in China topic by topic as 22 separate Qigong meditation intensive retreats from 1997 to 1999 as a preparatory training for the final teaching – Yuan Dun Da Fa. Later these teachings were compiled in the following book called Jing Xiu Mi Yao. Jing Xiu Mi Yao is a book of 12 Chapters that cover different topics on meditation such as meditation for healing various diseases, meditation for collecting hot and cold energy, meditation Q&A, meditation for inner alchemy practice, deviations in meditation and their corrections etc.

Jing Xiu Mi Yao book cover

Esoteric Teachings on Qigong Meditation: Jing Xiu Mi Yao 静修密要

Jing Xiu means “quiet cultivation or meditation instensives” where students gather to have intensive Qigong meditation practices in a retreat setting. Mi Yao means “secret or esoteric and essential teachings”. These teachings are mostly on Dao cultivation and Nei Dan or internal alchemy.

Qi Dragon® has divided the Jing Xiu book into 13 Topics. Each intensive retreat will focus on the study and practice of a specific topic. Each retreat is stand-alone and may vary in its length of training based on the topic covered.
Here is a list of the 13 topics of Advanced Qigong Meditation Intensives (Jing Xiu) and each topic can be studied without following a specific order.

Prerequisites: Level 3 Formal Study Program

Jing Xiu Topic 1: 18 & 36 Secrets for Meditation
Jing Xiu Topic 2: Poking 10 Window Paper Screens
Jing Xiu Topic 3: Secret Methods for Quickly Collecting Energy
Jing Xiu Topic 4: Traditional Daoist Alchemy and Female Alchemy Qigong Introduction
Jing Xiu Topic 5: Correcting Deviations in Meditation
Jing Xiu Topic 6: Meditation for Treating Different Diseases (Te Yi)
Jing Xiu Topic 7: Q&A regarding Meditation
Jing Xiu Topic 8: How to recognize and handle Qigong Effects?
Jing Xiu Topic 9: Embryonic Breathing Method
Jing Xiu Topic 10: Xing Light Cultivation
Jing Xiu Topic 11: Yang Shen Emerging Preparatory Training
Jing Xiu Topic 12: Three Important Theories for Yuan Dun Da Fa
Jing Xiu Topic 13: Jing Qi Shen in Advanced Cultivation

Contents of Jing Xiu Mi Yao in Chinese


Three Levels of Cultivation – Calligraphy by Master Zhang — Lower Level Cultivation – Benefit Self and Benefit Others Middle Level Cultivation – Benefit Others and Benefit Self Upper Level Cultivation – Sacrifice Self to Benefit Others


Dao Baby (Dao Tai道胎)

Traditionally there are 5 kinds of people that the esoteric Dao teachings are not taught to, called “Wu Bu Chuan 五不传“ or “Five Not Teaching”:

1. Not teaching the kind of person who is not loyal, not filial, not benevolent and not moral;
2. Not teaching the kind of person who does not respect teachers, does not care about the Dao, and does not do good;
3. Not teaching the kind of person who is not pure-hearted and who is opinionated and of extreme;
4. Not teaching the kind of person who is not diligent and who easily gives up;
5. Not teaching the kind of person who is arrogant, who slanders and who is frivolous.

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