Swimming Dragon Taichi Qigong 太乙游龙功


Introduction of Tai Yi You Long Quan

游龙图标“Tai Yi You Long Quan or Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Sect 武当太乙游龙门 is a rare Chinese Martial Arts system passed through generations in Grandmaster Yu Anren’s family. It is a fairly advanced Qigong and Taichi system in the Daoist traditions of self-defense, health maintenance, spiritual cultivation and life preservation. It belongs to the Wudang School. Tai Yi was named after Tai Yi Zhen Ren (a Daoist primordial ancestor) in memory of his godly spirit of punishing evil and promoting good. Tai Yi was also used as a synonym for Tai Ji (Tai Chi) in ancient times. Long or Dragon was used as a symbol for ancient China as well as the emperor and the imperial court. The dragon was considered to be the foremost among animals and had very powerful life force; it could fly in the sky, walk on the earth and swim in the water and thus became a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the Chinese nation. The forms in this system are done continuously and smoothly like clouds floating and water flowing; they look like dragons swimming in the sky. Thus the system was called You Long or Swimming Dragon. Chinese Martial Arts Qigong have two major schools: the external school called the Shao Lin School and the internal school called the Wudang School. Tai Yi You Long Gong belongs to the internal school, thus it is also called Wudang Tai Yi You Long Gong. It has both hand forms and weapon forms as well as Dynamic Qigong and Static Qigong. The Tai Yi You Long Gong System 太乙游龙门 includes Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Gong 太乙游龙功, Tai Yi Cheng Feng Jian or Swimming Dragon Riding the Wind Sword 太乙乘风剑, Tai Yi 72 Closed Hand 太乙七十二闭手, Tai Yi 36 Qin Na 太乙三十六擒拿, Tai Yi Sealing the Mountain Staff 太乙封山棍, Tai Yi Xing Bu Gong or Swimming Dragon Walking Gong 太乙行步功, Tai Yi Yin Yang Generating Gong 太乙阴阳萌生术 also called Tai Yi Tortoise Breathing Gong 太乙龟息功 etc.”

–by Grandmaster Yu Anren


Traditionally, this style was an imperial privileged practice. Breaking his family tradition, Grandmaster Yu made it public in the 1980s. Please check out Grandmaster Yu Anren’s official website in Changsha, China. Since 2009, Grandmaster Yu is actively back to teaching and promoting this family tradition, he has currently released two instructional DVDs in the States and has finished writing his Chinese books on Swimming Dragon Quan, Sword and 72 Closed Hand. Nowdays there are more and more people learning and practicing this esoteric Daoist family Taichi Qigong tradition. Outside China, Yu’s main disciples are Master Liping Zhu in San Francisco, USA and Master Li Yongliang in Melbourne, Australia.

Tai Yi Swimming Dragon System Related Events

** 12-Week Swimming Dragon Walking Gong Workshop at Fortuna GLC Community Center (Starting March 18, 2020, is postponed until the community center opens again.)
NEW: Step-by-Step Distant Learning Course of Swimming Dragon Taichi Form I (12 Lessons)

1. Swimming Dragon Quan Workshops
2. Swimming Dragon Sword Workshops

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4. Annual Tassajara Swimming Dragon Taichi Retreat
(42 CEUs available for L.Ac. and RN)
5. Annual Tassajara Swimming Dragon Walking Gong Retreat (18 CEUs available for L.Ac. and RN)
5. Swimming Dragon Taichi Full Form Enhancement Workshops
6. One-day Taichi workshops
7. Private Swimming Dragon Taichi Classes (based on availability, please contact liping@qidragon.com)

If you are interested in sponsoring and inviting Liping to teach a swimming dragon workshop in your area, please contact liping@qidragon.com

Introduction of Grandmaster Yu Anren

History and Background

The Book “Who’s who in Chinese Martial Arts” published the following information on Taiyi Swimming Dragon Sect Grandmaster Yu Anren

Master Yu Profile“Yu Anren (1939- ), heir of the Wudang Taiyi Swimming Dragon Chuan, is from Guilin, located in the Guangxi province. His family originated from the Pingjiang county, in the Hunan province.
Yu learned the Taiyi Swimming Dragon Chuan techniques and principals from his grandfather Yu Shao. By tradition, those were only passed from family members to other family members. Yu Anren broke the family’s rule when he compiled and donated to the state the Taiyi Swimming Dragon Chuan, Taiyi Riding the Wind Sword and the other conventions of boxing and weaponry from the Taiyi Men family. When Yu Anren took part in the Changsha Regional Martial Arts Competition in 1984, he performed the Swimming Dragon Chuan for the first time and won first place for internal style martial art. Since then, his form has spread quickly and the number of followers has reached several thousands. Read more about Grandmaster Yu here.

Watch Grandmaster Yu demontrating Swimming Dragon Quan in Changsha, China

catherien in sword performanceSwimming Dragon Workshop in Tassajara 2004tassajara Qigong 2004


Swimming Dragon Full Art Final Swimming-Dragon-dvd-cover_crop1-210x300

Online Taichi DVD Store

To purchase the DVDs for the Swimming Dragon serie forms or other Taichi, please visit our Online DVD Store page.

Master Liping Zhu

Dr. Liping Zhu, DAOM, L.Ac., a disciple of Grandmaster Yu Anren, is one of Yu’s first two main representatives of the style outside China. She started studying the Swimming Dragon Quan in 1992. She has won gold medals for both the Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Quan and the Tai Yi Riding the Wind Sword in 1996, 1997 International Martiail Arts Tournament in the US. Ms.Zhu has been actively practicing and teaching this family tradition for more than 20 years to people of all ages.

Watch Liping demonstrating Swimming Dragon Quan Form I in 1997 in San Francisco.

Watch Liping demonstrating Swimming Dragon Walking Gong in 2015


I met Liping when she had just arrived from China. It was one morning in Golden Gate Park. Crossing the street into the park, I saw a young woman doing a martial art form that combined so very beautifully strength and elegance. It was one of those rare moments in life when time seems to stop. Maybe it was the gentle flow of the swimming dragon form, so gentle, almost a whisper in the wind. Certainly it had to do with Liping’s natural grace. Whatever it was, I yearned to know the swimming dragon form and Liping was kind enough to teach it to me. She was such a good teacher, patient, caring and yet making sure that I would progress as much as I could, according to my abilities. I no longer live in San Francisco, but I carry the swimming dragon with me wherever I go. It has made a big difference in my life. I thank Liping for this gift she has and shares with such warmth.

–David Berger

I practiced Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Quan with Liping for about a year. As a Zen Buddhist practitioner I was eager to bring movement into my rather sedentary daily meditation practice. I originally intended for Tai Yi to be a supplement to my sitting practice, bringing movement back into my life. To an extent it was just this, but what startled me was the profound mindfulness and meditative quality that permeates the practice of Tai Yi. It became clear to me as I continued practicing with Liping that Tai Yi is itself a meditation practice and as I began to loosen my grip on the duality of movement and stillness my understanding of not only my Tai Yi practice, but also my sitting practice expanded. I found myself on day four of a sesshin, sitting in an upright posture and noticing my complete solid mountain stillness begin to flow. My ideas of who I am, how I hold myself, and how I impact others, have all been affected by my time with Liping. She is an authentic, dedicated teacher and will meet you where you are and stay with you as you grow. If you haven’t met this woman, you need to!

–Will Fuller

Here is a slideshow by San Francisco Zen Center on Liping’s Taichi for Health workshop:

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